Martyr Defiled – No Hope No Morality


No Hope No Morality is the sophomore release from the UK’s MARTYR DEFILED. First of all, the last time I listened to these guys, other than the “Infidels” single last year, was 2009’s Ecophagy EP. It wasn’t for any negative reason; I just lost track of them until I heard the single and I was curious to see where they would go and I am very surprised with the outcome. I have given this LP many listens and I’m not kidding when I say that I almost forgot I was reviewing it. So it goes without saying that as I write this, my mind is still boggling on how good this release is.

“LVCIFER” is watching! This opening track grabs you by the throat and immediately thrashes you into hysteria. There’s a hint of AT THE GATES as it opens; the drums definitely control the rhythm perfectly throughout this one. As they close out with some demented screams, they slow it down and proclaim, “I’M GOING TO HEEELLLL!!!” Very heavy. “Demons in the Mist” follows with an unrelenting attack that makes me headbang every time this one starts. There is a rollercoaster feel when listening that comes from all the places this song goes. While only repeating the perfect parts, the arrangement is amazing and the ending is truly epic. The succeeding “Sineater” starts with some inverted chord chunking à laTHE ACACIA STRAIN,but then they thrash it up and break it down. The high screams are powerful and also blend well with the low growls.

Track four, “616”, has the most Death Metal influence and oddly enough around the 2:23 mark I hear a bit of The Cleansing-era SUICIDE SILENCE, which is meant as an absolute compliment. Next up on the half title track “No Hope” you will find plenty of good riffing and thrashing as well as the first proper shred solo and an ending filled grimy sludge riffs over a slow melodic guitar line; this the most diverse track and will be a mosher live! “Neverender” brings us to the half-way point and rightfully so sums this offering up by including elements of every song strategically.

The second half begins with the oddly titled “Under the Influence” and I just have to say that these dudes must have been under the influence when they put this opus together because it’s great; everything about it is awesome! I can see fans bouncing through the end of this song when performed live. “The Taste of Iron” is an immediate favorite. There’s elements of punk and thrash right away, and some parts remind me of PANTERA’s The Great Southern Trendkill, another perfect track. On the next number, “Of Sheep and Swine”, there is a straight up metal approach throughout; filled with high energy, sick shred leads and these weird chaotic scratching riffs, I couldn’t even make it to the end of this one before noting how diverse this offering is.

MARTYR DEFILED keeps us guessing with “Deathstare”. Ten tracks in and they are still mixing things up! You will notice a lot more Hardcore influence on this song, but simultaneously one of the heaviest Death Metal riffs is included along with a soaring solo; an all-around fun song. What the hell?? The closing song has THE sickest intro! “No Morality” starts with enticing leads and grooves into some frantic riffing. They slow it down and get melodic yet heavy at times and then close out with an off-time breakdown to sludge it out to the death. Wow!

These chaps have come a long way from Ecophagy. Everyone should take note, this is a Metal record you want to hear; you can’t simply place this album into a subgenre, this stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE! They do not give a fuck and are amalgamating many metal genres into one tasty LP! Go pick up this shrine to madness today, April 29, via Siege of Amida Records.


RATING: 10/10


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