Whitechapel – Our Endless War

Whitechapel - Our Endless War Cover

Knoxville, Tennessee’s WHITECHAPEL have just released their fifth album via Metal Blade Records entitled Our Endless War. This offering really showcases the sextet’s progression as musicians and songwriters. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this LP after the first listen, but after a few spins I realized what these guys were doing. They are being the band that they want to be and not re-writing the same old record. I feel that they have come into their own and it really shows on this offering.

They open up with the instrumental “Rise” which follows into the title track “Our Endless War” which has an almost straight forward Hardcore feel to it while maintaining the bottom end with huge chunking guitars. This song is clearly about the United States and I can’t help but think of the educational show Schoolhouse Rock, while listening to it which made me laugh when I heard the lyric about marching upon Capitol Hill, but all joking aside this is a solid tune. “The Saw is the Law” follows up with its power groove attack. The group delves into some odd time signatures on this one that some might compare to MESHUGGAH; this song is very memorable and will surely be included in their live set. I first heard “Mono” when it was released prior to Our Endless War dropping; I was automatically hooked on this brutal assault of a murderous opus.

“Let Me Burn” is another total groover. This one is very diverse for WHITECHAPEL and sees them straying outside of their comfort zone as far as their previous releases are concerned. I’m sure many will be able to relate to “Worship the Digital Age” which is pretty obvious about the subject matter. The vocals really stick out on this one and the ending is reminiscent of “Possession” from This is Exile. Although “How Times Have Changed” is musically all around heavy, there’s just something about the lyrics that I just can’t get into which is odd for me as I usually don’t pay much attention to lyrical content. As we move forward to the ominous beginning of “Psychopathy” we come to one of the best songs on this release; I feel that this one is the continuation of “The Night Remains” which is one of my favorites from 2012’s self-titled album.

“Blacked Out” is another automatic favorite. This song has so many different elements included and completely keeps your attention as you listen; the arrangement is perfect. The suicidal closing track “Diggs Road” again shows a side of this band that has never been heard and the execution couldn’t be better. Also included on most releases are the two bonus tracks “A Process so Familiar” and “Fall of the Hypocrites” which are just down right brutal as fuck and sees the group getting in touch with their thrash and straight up death metal roots; a great way to close this record out.

WHITECHAPEL has successfully combined all of the elements of their previous offerings while continuing to evolve their sound. They made the right move by teaming up with Mark Lewis to produce Our Endless War. He’s been the go-to guy in Metal in recent years. This release has a very full sound. The utilization of the three guitars and the bass being prevalent along with the vocals sounding so genuine just sums it all up. I highly recommend this release and have already picked up my copy and so should you!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Saw is the Law”, “Mono”, “Let Me Burn”, “Psychopathy”, “Blacked Out”, “A Process so Familiar”, “Fall of the Hypocrites”

RATING: 8.5/10


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