Rocco’s Remote: 24 Lives Another Day!!


24, one of my favorite shows in recent history, is back for a 12-episode run on FOX. You don’t get to see this too often. A successful show seemingly ends after a medium-sized run and comes back after 4 years because everyone involved realizes that when you have a character like Jack Bauer, you use him! The producers were trying for years to get a live action movie made for it, but it couldn’t happen. I for one am glad they chose to come back to TV. It would have been a great movie, but 12 hours of Jack is better than 2.

The real time isn’t lost on the story, either. When we last saw him, Jack was being hunted as a criminal. Well, pick it up 4 years later and the story has moved continents but not characters. Some new faces obviously, but there are a few good ones, Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) being the best that keeps a familiarity to the show. Added ones like Benjamin Bratt only add to the level of experience the viewer will see. Not to give away any plot lines here, but if you used to watch the show, you can pretty much figure out what’s going on. While that would bother some people, I think with this particular show, even knowing what’s going to happen doesn’t spoil the ride. There was a formula they used and it’s one that, after watching several seasons, you pick up on. But because it’s done in such an original way, with great acting and terrific action, you are still able to enjoy.

If you didn’t watch 24 when it made its original run, you missed out on one the most original, action-filled shows in history. The great thing about it? It doesn’t matter. You can jump in on this 12-episode run and still enjoy one hell of a ride, because Kiefer Sutherland IS Jack Bauer and nobody can replace him.

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