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Heading into a different direction than what I have reviewed previously, we’ll look at a band that is considered veterans now in the sludge, doom, stoner rock genre. The band I am speaking of is obviously FLOOR via their latest release Oblation through Season of Mist records. As one who does not have an extensive music library from this genre, some comparisons I would make is if you took MASTODON’s music and mixed it together with some of the vocal styles from OZZY, more specifically the older catalog of BLACK SABBATH. It sounds great, but one of the reasons that I haven’t done any more than dabble in this genre so far is because by the time I get to the end of the album, I find that what I listen to has an overall feeling of sounding the same. Don’t get it twisted, the groove that you’ll feel while listening to Oblation is undeniable. But after listening to the album in its entirety I just wanted something different than what I was hearing by track 9 of a 14 track album.

With all this being said, let’s look at some of what FLOOR has already done. They have been active since 1992 with some short breaks in between because of lineup changes. There is no denying that FLOOR is a success because they have remained active in putting out music for 22 years. One EP was released in 1994 called Madonna and the most recent album, Oblation will make for FLOOR’s third album release. One may say that only 3 albums and 1 EP in 22 years is a slow pace, something I could agree on, but the above does not include a video album of which FLOOR put out called Sight & Seen.

This trio from Miami, Florida has really opened my eyes to the idea that there are metal bands coming from there, even with the clear takeover of the electronic dance music scene in Miami. Though FLOOR did start in 1992, they have managed to stay relevant and put out a new album that has been praised by Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD on his personal Instagram page. For that, I applaud FLOOR for sticking to their guns and putting out the music that makes them who they are, which keeps the metal and rock scene alive in a booming populous like Miami where the metal and rock scene is considered dead as compared to the obvious rave and club life that the city thrives on (and makes its money from).

Oblation is a record worth listening to in case you would like to expand your musical taste as a listener. I like it because of the slow, simplistic grooves that are inevitable. This is a prime example that bands do not need to be sweeping up and down the frets with overcomplicated riffs to sound good. Sometimes, keeping riffs simple and sweet while sounding catchy is just the way to go. FLOOR exposed that craft greatly on this album. The most interesting and unique point about FLOOR and their new release, Oblation, is the ability to take the 1970’s-1980’s sludge sound and be able to naturally grow into a new age where the sound is not at all tiring. This has to do with the progression of the music being played. Oblation is a very relaxed album that features all the groove and riffing that you would want from a progressive metal or rock band. A record with flexibility to catch fans from all music spectrums.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Oblation”, “Rocinante”, “Trick Scene”, “Find Away”, “New Man”, “Sister Sophia”, “Love Comes Crushing”, “Homegoings and Transitions”

RATING: 7.5/10


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