Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer


Cursed Redeemer is the sophomore offering from Gothenburg’s MIASMAL. I will start by saying I didn’t look into these guys prior to listening for reviewing purposes and had no idea they were from Sweden. I wanted to give them a blind listen and that was a good thing due to the fact that I heard their roots through their raw, aggressive sound.

MIASMAL opens this record up with the title track and I immediately think to myself, “This is Rock ‘n’ Roll fueled Death Metal, Death ‘n’ Roll if you will.” The drummer’s use of double bass is unblemished utilizing just the right amount. The guitar work, solos and arrangements are superb. I’m enthralled. “Call of the Revenant” has a more straight forward old school death feel reminiscent of early MORBID ANGEL but also AT THE GATES at times, a great combination. The following thrasher “Whisky Train” has a grimy feel that completely meshes into the closing with odd timed rhythms under a quick rocking solo and demented scream.

Track four “Excelsior” has to be my favorite song on this album; included on this one are many elements of straight Rock ‘n’ Rolling and Death Metal groove but also a dueling guitar solo. The perfect track. I’ve never heard anyone conjoin Swedish Melodic Death and Rock as seamlessly as done on “A Veiled Remembrance”. The non-tremolo riffs on this one are simple yet effective. “Until the Last” is another favorite that starts with a hint of punk influence but is also filled with solid rhythms and solos moving perfectly into each section. Another great example of the flawless arranging.

Moving closer to the end with “Frozen in Time” we hear the bass stand out in the intro and continue into some double bass grooves followed by some Crust Punk influenced riffs. They really mix it up on this tune by also including an ass-kicking solo and a grimy sludge ending. I genuinely feel that “2013” is the perfect ending to this LP. The opening is as strong as the first track and keeps you listening. They are sticking true to the Death ‘n’ Roll feel and throughout the second half of this number it becomes as epic as ever by closing out with inspiring leads and solos over an all-out war of double bass and chunking guitars into a fade out. Amazing!

MIASMAL obviously knew that there was no reason to make this release more than 8 tracks. With running times ranging between 3:46 and 5:09, they are considerably the perfect length for songs containing such diversity. No clichés or breakdowns will be found here; it was great to review this record without the preconceived notion that the band was from Gothenburg. There’s lots of originality on Cursed Redeemer which is out now digitally and physically everywhere via Century Media Records. Highly recommended for fans of Death Metal and extreme music in general.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cursed Redeemer”, “Call of the Revenant”, “Excelsior”, “Until the Last”, “2013”

RATING: 8.5/10


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