Sebastian Bach: Givin’ ‘Em Hell Worldwide!!

Do I even need to tell you people about Sebastian Bach, or remind you of his amazing body of work? No, I didn’t think so. Right after newest album Give ‘Em Hell came out I was able to wrangle a sit-down with the man himself. We talked about the record, his kickass writing partners and bandmates, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that he’ll be making his first trip to Texas for the first time in a long time! Take a look:

SEBASTIAN BACH CD COVERAmps: How do you feel about the reception the album’s getting so far?

Sebastian: We’ve got the top-selling hard rock album in the country on Billboard, so that’s awesome! I made a statement the other day, and I do these interviews all day/every day and I’m very honest in them. I am quite happy that I have an album that’s at the top of the Billboard charts and I hope I get to do another one! I’m very happy with the record and that’s pretty much how I feel (laughs)!

Amps: I want to mention a couple of songs real quick. “Harmony”, “Had Enough” is my favorite, “Dominator”, “Push Away”…especially “Had Enough”! It’s a bit different, tell me about that.

Sebastian: Kind of a classic ballad Sebastian Bach song. I really like singing in that range and I can always connect vocally to a strong ballad, so that’s kind of the next one that I’ve done.


Amps: Such a great song, I love it!

Sebastian: Thank you dude, I’m glad you dig it!

Amps: You’ve got John 5, Steve Stevens, Devin Bronson…pick your poison. What was writing with those ferocious guitarists like?

Sebastian: Well I was under a deadline. In the past I’ve not acknowledged a deadline but I was excited to do this with guys that I’m huge fans of as well as friends with. Duff, I’ve been a huge fan of his since the 80’s and to have him bring in “Harmony” which is such a punky, cool, metal tune was so cool. I primarily make the records for me and if you like it that’s great, but as long as I can listen to it and I think it’s good, that’s really all I can control. And I can honestly say that I LOVE rockin’ out to this record, man.

Amps: Plus you’ve got Bobby Jarzombek, Beast of the Kit on this one.

Sebastian: Yeah, he’s great. He just got injured, but I’m happy to say that we’re about to do a tour of JUST Texas, like SIX shows just in Texas alone! And Bobby’s from San Antonio-

Amps: WHAT?!? I’m in Dallas!!

Sebastian: You are?? Dude, I didn’t even know that! This interview is meant to be, brother (both of us laughing)! This will be the first time I’ve sung live in Texas since the year 2000 so I’m pretty excited. So, come to the damn shows! It may be another 14 years before I come back, dammit!

SEBASTIAN BACH PICAmps: You better believe I’ll be out there! What are we looking at in terms of this run? How long you gonna be out?

Sebastian: Till October, which is great. That’s a real rock tour, I love it! We just did a show at the M3 Festival and it was crazy, as crazy as it’s ever been, power-wise and range-wise, so I’m excited to go across the country and scream bloody fuckin’ murder!!

Amps: That’s what we need!

Sebastian: That’s what I’m gonna do! It’s my job!

Amps: Who’s gonna be in the live band for the tour?

Sebastian: Well, Bobby for the drums, which is great. I’ve got Johnny Chromatic on guitar who’s been in my band for about 10 years. On the bass is gonna be Rob De Luca or Jason Christopher, I don’t know which one. And on the other guitar is gonna be either Devin Bronson or Virus from DEVICE.

Amps: So how are you feeling, not just about music, but life in general?

Sebastian: How am I feeling about life in general? I have a lot to be thankful for right now. I have a girl that I’m so deliriously in love with, I love this girl. We’re pretty much inseparable as long as I don’t drink (laughs)!! That’s a deal breaker with her. I’m sober for better or worse. I have great friends that I met here in Beverly Hills and they’re very close to me. The weather is awesome, I love my album, and I’m feelin’ good! I’m doing a book, about to go on tour, and I got a lot on my plate.

Amps: Hey, how old are the boys, London and Paris now?

Sebastian: 24 and 18!

Amps: Woooow…I feel old! What do you wanna say to all the Sebastian Bach fans out there?

Sebastian: Go get the new record Give ‘Em Hell! I worked a fuckin’ year on it and if you buy it then I get to do another one! And I’m addicted to rock ‘n’ roll, so go fuckin’ buy it and let’s keep rockin’!! And we’re gonna be rockin’ Texas dude, so get to a show!

Amps: Sebastian, thank you so much for taking a couple minutes to speak with me.

Sebastian: No problem, dude. Spread the word that we’re comin’ to Texas! I’m really looking forward to it, and you take care, brother!


This was a fun interview. Sebastian Bach is high-energy, and when he’s excited about the music (which is pretty much ALL the time) he just gives off this great and positive vibe that can put you in the best mood for the remainder of your day. I highly recommend you all pick up a copy of Give ‘Em Hell and allow yourself to get swept up in the sheer rockin’ goodness!!

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