DEN SAAKALDTE – Faen I Helvete


When I was given this DEN SAAKALDTE album review, I was interested solely because I knew absolutely nothing about this band. I do not know how to pronounce their name, I can hardly remember how to spell it without looking back to the album, and I still have no idea what the name of the band, the album title, or song titles translate to. Luckily, for all of you loyal A&GS readers, I took it upon myself to study up on this stuff to drop a lesson off to the unwashed masses about language (and not to forget, review the music).

First, I want to make it clear that this album released by DEN SAAKALDTE is a great one. The band name translates to “The So-Called,” and their album Faen i Helvete translates to “Jesus Fucking Christ.” Sounds about right, considering the blackened thrash metal sound that has been produced out of Norway. Okay, so all stereotypes aside, once you get past the whole “church burner” feeling that is associated with black metal, you will see that DEN SAAKALDTE are simply makers of raw, heavy music. The very first time I listened to this album, I felt that circle-headbanging was a necessity.

Eldur, on vocals, shows great range throughout the album through his singing, spews, and his radiating high screams. A disturbing vocal range like that only goes great with Tybalt on drums. The guitars generally keep in line with Tybalt’s fast pace, making for mass use of tremolo picking. Clearly, a bassist like Seidemann has to keep up with all of these guys, which makes the five-piece a very talented group of musicians.

Jumping right into the tracks that I liked most, first we have “Din Siste Dag,” which translates to “Your Last Day.” Immediately, the fast-paced drumming and guitars kick into gear while Eldur opens the song with a mid-ranged scream loud enough to perk your ears and grab your attention. The riffs in this track keep you in a groove just long enough so you don’t get too comfortable before the speed comes back again. Still, it is not enough to make the listener surprised at what’s to come next with off the wall songwriting, but nonetheless a very fun song to kick off the album.

Another one that I found interesting was “Djevelens Verk,” or “The Devil’s Work.” This is one of the longest songs on the album, which may turn off some listeners, but to me offers the most variety on the record. Eldur shows his entire vocal range through this song with singing, mid-range, and high screams. While this song evades the darker, slower moments like in “Endelost Ode,” it has enough transition and progression to keep a black, thrash metal song crisp. Nothing really goes stale with Faen i Helvete.

DEN SAAKALDTE was established in 2006 as a black metal supergroup, created originally by members of SHINING, 1349, and DØDHEIMSGARD. With Faen i Helvete, they have now given us album number three and are currently signed to Agonia Records.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Den Siste Dag”, “Forbanna Idioter”, “Du Selvproklamerte Misjonaer”, “Endelost Ode”, “Dejevelens Verk”

RATING: 7.2/10


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