Illdisposed – With The Lost Souls On Our Side


So ILLDISPOSED have decided to grace us with a new record in the form of With the Lost Souls On Our Side out now via Massacre Records. Here is a name I haven’t heard in a long goddamn time. Was I curious? That’s an understatement! The death metal stalwarts from Denmark are on album number 13 with this one. So is this Lucky 13? Welp. I’m gonna have to go with a resounding “YIS”!! This is another one of “those” records. You know, the kind that brutalizes the living shit out of you, yet manages to burn its melodies into your brain? Yep, just like that.

Picking up where 2012’s Sense of Darkness left off the band wastes NO time getting in your face and under your skin with the one-two punch of “Going Down” and “The Way We Choose”. The first one is pure balls-out heavy from minute one which pleased me right away. The second takes its time getting to where it needs to go but once it does, consider yourself pounded but good. This was also a favorite right from the outset. The guitars on “Light In the Dark” are simply delectable, like that slice of chocolate cake you KNOW you’re not supposed to eat after midnight, but fuck it; it’s there, isn’t it? So grab a fork and have at it! We head in a more mid-tempo direction for “I Am What I Am” with the double kick-drum leading the way accompanied by a nice chugging riff and just a hint of AMON AMARTH.

Another one that jumped out at me was “Tugging At Your Heart” Sometimes my favorite tracks are the ones where I have no idea where they’re headed and this is no exception. After a moody minute-long slower section this fucker goes all in and brings the heavy something fierce, but without sacrificing that all-important melody. Vocalist Bo Summer sounds almost supernaturally evil on this and every other song, and the musical twists and turns definitely keep this album from turning into something boring or generic. One listen to “A Dreaded Pursuer” and I think you’ll agree. And I loved the straightforward riffage and thrash drumming of “To Be Dealt With”. Fucking awesome!

“No More Devil to Show” is a groove-laden hill-and-dale affair while “On a Clouded Morning” brings a bit of sequencing into the mix that is quickly brushed aside by the fiery metal onslaught. Official album closer “The Plan” has a bit of metalcore influence with some breakdowns and studio-enhanced deeper growls, not that it’s bad or anything. I really enjoyed this one and was even questioning the decision to include two bonus tracks because this caps the record off perfectly. And as soon as I heard “Life Equals Zero” I was never more convinced. I just wasn’t into this one at all. And “Reversed” while thick and meaty really didn’t have the WOW factor the first ten tracks did. Still, this is one hell of an album from ILLDISPOSED. With the Lost Souls On Our Side is out now, so grab your copy, get in your car and fucking RAGE!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “No More Devil to Show”, “The Way We Choose”, “Tugging At Your Heart”, “To Be Dealt With”, “Light In the Dark”, “I Am What I Am”

RATING: 9/10

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