Red Tide Rising – The Rising


So yeah, I’m REALLY late to the party on this band RED TIDE RISING. When I first got the album I was busy moving the A&GS HQ, and then it just seemed like life got in the way time and time again (sorry, Dave!!). So when I finally sat down with their album The Rising (out now via Deathbox Records) I had no idea what to expect. I purposely avoided any media on these guys because I just wanted to let the music do the talking. Well, it has spoken, and I can definitely say that RED TIDE RISING is a great band that writes some great songs. I say some, not all, because there were a couple that really didn’t hit me, but the ones that did surely made an impression. The band is cut from the same cloth as a lot of the late 90’s modern rock bands, but they’re infinitely more cerebral than some of their predecessors/counterparts, and thank the Gods they haven’t gone the “Bro-Core” route.

The record is a little slow coming out of the gate with “2:13”. That’s not a knock on the song, it’s a good one; just not my choice for the opener. But the band picks up a nice head of steam with back-to-back rockers “The Otherside” and “Shadows” the latter featuring a blend of SEVENDUST meets GODSMACK riff-wise and lyrically. Speaking of tasty riffs, I really like the guitar on “Scars” courtesy of Andrew Whiteman. His older brother Matthew is the singer/storyteller of the group and you can hear the angst and anguish at times when he sings. And oh man, you know when he’s pissed, like in “Misery”. Dude is not shy about anything which I love. This is also one of the album’s strongest tracks, the harsh vocals adding to the somber, menacing effect, and the melody stays with you. “The Choice” is another winner channeling a bit o’ BREAKING BENJAMIN, and drummer Matt Guerin has his way with “This Is War” while the brothers serve up some aggressive riffs and vocals.

Title track and album closer “The Rising” may just be the most unique song on this record and was another favorite. The ambience is what helps make this one so memorable, you’ll see. Another interesting number was “We Are the Hunted”, and I must say the production on the album is very, very crisp. I can hear everyone loud and clear, and that pleases me. Overall RED TIDE RISING have done very well with The Rising. And while I didn’t like all the songs, the ones I did have gotten multiple spins. I’d be surprised if these guys aren’t a national act in the next few years, I really would.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Rising”, “The Choice”, “Shadows”, “Scars”, “Misery”, “This Is War”

RATING: 8/10

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