Rocco’s Remote: Ray Donovan Is Back!!!


First off, if there is ANYONE who hasn’t watched season one of Ray Donovan, get out.

Now, for all the people that matter, season two kicked off last Sunday night with Ray, played brilliantly by Liev Schreiber, neck deep in all the shit that happened as a result of his dear old dad getting out of prison.  As if last season’s woes weren’t enough, Ray now has to deal with the head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office because of what his dad did. Jon Voight, as Mickey Donovan, is equally as brilliant. Mickey seems to thrive on the chaos that he causes. Of course, it’s also at the expense of his family. He’s basically a guy you love to hate.

Ray’s family is feeling the effects of his job and its own run in with Mickey. And through all this, Ray still has the task of keeping celebrities out of the news and out of jail, the morgue, etc… The tough as nails Irish guy from the” Southie” part of Boston somehow finds a way to keep it all from unravelling. Or does he?

The rest of the show’s cast is great as well. Ray’s brother Terry, played by Eddie Marsan, seemed to be the sensible one last season. Now he is showing some cracks in the foundation.

Mickey’s return is not celebrated by the Donovan clan (minus Ray of course who clearly has hatred to spare for his dad), like it was when he got out of prison last year. They seem to realize that perhaps, Ray was right about him. Mickey is trying to build his relationship with grandson Connor ( Devon Bagby), eerily similar to how he did with Bunchie, seemingly taking the boy under his wing.

It’s good to see Avi (Stephen Bauer) and Lena (Katherine Moennig) doing what they do best.

The best thing about this show is the character interaction and relationships. Most of the time shows that do that are a little on the boring side. But Ray Donovan clearly doesn’t have to worry about boring.

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