All You Can Eat With Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia

STIX 1A little while ago I got to interview Stix Zadinia, drummer for the mighty STEEL PANTHER. It was my next-to-last day at a job I hated, and I was literally hiding in a stairwell doing this one. Stix was a great sport about it though, and he’s a funny guy. But he also takes rockin’ and rollin’ seriously as this band is clearly no slouches on their instruments. We talked about new album All You Can Eat, the upcoming tour with JUDAS PRIEST and more. So tune in and see:

Amps: The response to All You Can Eat has been insane! How’s that feeling?

Stix: It feels fucking killer, you know? We made it together and we hope people like it. We actually kicked ass!

Amps: I feel like this was one of the most complete metal releases of 2014 with no bullshit, just all killer rockin’ tunes.

Stix: Thanks, dude. We didn’t wanna have just one or two really good songs that fifty people like. We tried to put together the most complete record we can and put out the best shit for our fans as well as people who may not have heard of us. From cover to cover, hopefully they see how much effort has gone into it.

Amps: Since this is my first conversation with anybody in the band, tell me, how do the songs in STEEL PANTHER take shape?

Stix: Satchel (guitar) writes the majority of the stuff, but the lyrical ideas can come from any one of us. And sometimes a riff will come from a sound check, sometimes Satchel will be writing at home, get some things worked up and then we go record. Nothing gets put down that all four of us don’t have a say in and absolutely love.

STEEL PANTHAAmps: I’m 41 and my one of the staff is a little younger, so when I was first blasting the album she’s like, “What the fuck is this?!?” Next thing I know, an hour later she’s singing “Blow my load at the Gloryhole”!!

Stix: That’s the thing! We’re in her head now! We try to write great songs. At the end of the day people can say what they want about the lyrics, and glittery spandex, but at the end of the day our songs stand up.

Amps: Oh, definitely. “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home” is now her favorite, as well as mine.

Stix: Oh, that’s fuckin’ great. When we come to town we’ll try to love her, with respect of course.

Amps: You’re going out on tour with JUDAS PRIEST. How did you handle the news you were opening for these Metal Legends?

Stix: Well, I came off my bender -I was so excited I went on a three-day bender- I realized we better be fuckin’ great ’cause it’s JUDAS PRIEST and not a lot of bands get to go out and open for them. It’s an honor and we’re gonna go out and kill and make it the best fuckin’ show of the year for anybody who buys a ticket. You’re gonna see two bands coming out and beating you in the face with a bunch of kickass metal.

Amps: What do you listen to outside of the band?

Stix: I listen to a lot of different shit. I’ve been listening to a band called BIG WRECK

Amps: YES!! Ian Thornley’s band! Great stuff!

Stix: That guy rules, dude. And this band out of New York called ENVY ON THE COAST. They’re not together anymore. I don’t know what the fuck happened to them but I got turned onto that record somehow and I’ve been listening to it a lot.

Amps: How long do you plan on touring behind All You Can Eat?

STIX 3Stix: Indefinitely. Till we decide to do a new record, who knows? We got Europe coming up in a couple weeks, we got the run with JUDAS PRIEST, we go back to the UK and Europe in March and then we’ll see. We just go play and give the people a party; we’re not concerned with a hit, because we don’t have any!

Amps: True, but I still think the best song you’ve put out so far is “Just Like Tiger Woods”. You couldn’t have done a better job, musically or lyrically, for me.

Stix: Thanks, dude. I love that song, that one goes off, too. We have songs from all three records that I think people absolutely love, and we try to get to all of ‘em on tour.

Amps: I brought a couple of staffers to see you here in Dallas a month ago and one of them is 20 years old. When it was all done she says, “Where IS this? Where is this in rock today??”

Stix: That’s so great, man. The range of age at our shows blows me away. People of all age groups love metal and they dig hearing new good shit and it blows me away. I’m honored to be in this band.

Amps: What do you want to say to all the STEEL PANTHER fans out there?

Stix: To the fans I say thank you. Because without our fans we wouldn’t be able to go do what we do. Well we would, but nobody would be there! And that would be fuckin’ awkward, playing giant places with no one there (laughs). And I wanna say to the people who aren’t fans, “Get with the fuckin’ program, people. This is the future, and you don’t wanna miss out.” You know, we’re like Apple and iPhones, we keep coming out with shit that you don’t necessarily need, but you WILL have it.


Like Satchel said onstage here at BFD last month, Stix is the best drummer in this band. But seriously folks, I’m a big STEEL PANTHER fan, and I have a feeling that before 2014 is over a lot of you will be, too. If you’re not already. And Stix is right, those who aren’t need to get with the fuckin’ program!

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