Into The Aftermath With Nightmare’s Matt Asselberghs

Some of you may be unaware that NIGHTMARE put out a record not too long ago. Well, shame on you! Guitarist Matt Asselberghs and Co. have given us one of the best albums of 2014 in The Aftermath. So it gives me great pleasure to share with you now the interview I was able to do with Matt via e-mail. Check it out:

Amps: Hi Matt, thanks so much for taking time to answer some questions for Amps and Green Screens! I am a brand new fan of the band, so forgive any over-excited questions, ok?

Matt: Ahahaha Roger that, Buddy!

NIGHTMARE MATT 1Amps: You have just put out one of the FINEST albums of the band’s career with The Aftermath. How does that feel?

Matt: Thank you!! Well I’m very proud of the album and how the crowd enjoys it once we’re onstage! It’s awesome!! And I can’t wait to set the stage on fire some more during the upcoming dates!

Amps: Did you guys know you had something special on your hands in the studio?

Matt: You know, when you enter studio you have the basic idea of what you want, and what we wanted was to go more roots and to show the people that NIGHTMARE’S still got guts! So yes we were sure that this album would be different and more powerful than the others.

Amps: How does it feel to be mentioned (in a good way) alongside and compared to legends like JUDAS PRIEST and DIO?

Matt: It’s always a pleasure and an honour to read this and we don’t have the pretentions to say so but we just try to keep the heavy metal music alive with our passion and feeling.

Amps: What’s your favorite track or tracks from The Aftermath? Mine are “Invoking Demons” and “Necromancer”. Hell, the whole thing is awesome!

Matt: Hahaha, well, I really do love “Forbidden Tribes” and “The Bridge is Burning”…and “I am Immortal” too, those songs are deep, and there is always a huge picture behind the music. If you close your eyes and take time to listen to it you can fly in another world, that’s what I like with music when you can just be in another dimension for a while and forget this shitty world.

Amps: What are you playing and what do you play through? How do you get your rich tones?

Matt: Well I’m playing with a Gibson flying V which is my favorite brand at the time, I use Marshall amps which are the best in the world and well the tones comes from your heart first and then you put it into your fingers and that makes the magic! Music is Feeling!

Amps: Who was the guitarist you first heard that made you want to pick it up? What made you say, “I want to do THAT?”

Matt: Well I had many at first…thanks to my father that just put me in the metal scene, well I would say, Michael Schenker, The guys from IRON MAIDEN, John Norum, John Sykes, Ritchie Blackmore, and Tony Iommi.

 Amps: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

NIGHTMARE CD ARTMatt: Always a taste of vodka and some training stuff like in Rocky 🙂

Amps: Can we expect a NIGHTMARE U.S. tour? (Please say yes!) And what are the tour plans? Any festivals?

Matt: Well, we’re trying to make this happen!! We love you USA, we’ve been there a few times but not that much and we’d really love to come here and blast everything! But for now, yes a lot of festivals, Hellfest recently, Wacken, and then the tour in October with the Wacken Road Show. Things are getting really heavy there, it’s gonna be kick ass!!

Amps: What is the writing dynamic in the group? How do the songs take shape, from jamming? Or does everyone come in with ideas already?

Matt: Franck and I came up with riffs and then the others add their feeling into the music. NIGHTMARE is a real family even during the writing process.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the NIGHTMARE fans out there?

Matt: Well, WE LOVE YAAAAA all!! If we’re here today it’s thanks to you!! So Keep on rockin’, keep on listening to NIGHTMARE and metal in general and stay true to yourself, to your friends, and your family!


That was a fun one. I don’t know who was more excited, him or me! Matt’s enthusiasm and love for what he does is always great to see in an era when artists have become increasingly jaded, you know? As I said earlier, I may be a newer fan of NIGHTMARE, but between The Aftermath, and a great conversation like this one, you can bet I will be for a loooong time!!

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