Alestorm – Sunset On the Golden Age


ALESTORM is set to release their fourth studio album entitled Sunset On the Golden Age on August 5 via Napalm Records. For new listeners, it is not hard to get into this band. They consider themselves to be “bacon powered pirate core” and they mostly write music about getting absolutely hammered drunk and living the pirate life to the fullest. This is the perfect album to play when you just want to get sloppy drunk with your friends either at home, or at the Renaissance Fair, which is completely badass.

The album kicks off with the one song that any folk metal enthusiast would find redundant, but “Walk the Plank” just gets it all going on a high note. The keyboard is perfect throughout the album, not too much but not too little either. ALESTORM managed to use this to their advantage in a very respectable, tasteful manner. The progression of the synthesizing matches perfectly with Dani Evans on guitar as well as the bass lines played throughout the album. It is clear that Captain Christopher Bowes carefully crafted these songs like the brews that they probably down at the nearby pub, which had me hooked from the beginning. And I must say that I really enjoyed “Hangover”, oddly enough a TAIO CRUZ cover, in particular. That song featured rap, pop, folk metal, and even a little dab of electronica.

Having dabbled in ALESTORM before I knew what I was getting myself into and this five-piece blew me away with this record. Listening to the lyrics really nailed the pirate metal themes they were going for. What makes them so fun to listen to is the upbeat tempo of the songs that clearly compliment the theme of the lyrics that are being sung along with the incorporation of all kinds of styles of music that are being played. Not only was “Hangover” a great indicator of how versatile ALESTORM can be as a band, but I thought that “Wooden Leg!” was as well. The folk metal sound still remains in “Wooden Leg!” just as much as a tongue-in-cheek introduction to ALESTORM‘s version of punk (or that could just be what I picked up from that song.) Either way, I really was picking up what they were throwing down.

Overall I will say that this album was an absolute success, save for two tracks. My reasons as to why those two songs did not stick out to me are pretty simple. “Quest For Ships” was surrounded by things I just found to be far superior, not just a little bit better. I was in a certain groove and mood up to that point but the song kind of changed that in a way that left me waiting to get to the next one. “Sunset On the Golden Age” just went on for too long for me, which sounds like a dumb reason to say that a song does not stand out, but I feel that ALESTORM did better when the songs were a little shorter and compact. Still, Sunset On the Golden Age is a fun listen, and I think fans old and new alike will enjoy it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Walk the Plank”, “Drink”, “Magnetic North”, “Wooden Leg!”, “Hangover”

RATING: 8/10


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