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Some of the most interesting albums or artists to me are ones who do solo projects. Whether it be with a studio band or where all the instruments were in fact recorded by the same person, the style and influence shows the kind of mind that that person has for music. One such artist that really got me into his music and live shows was Devin Townsend who wrote over sixty songs in about a two year period and included other great musicians from a wide array of bands throughout his records. When I was offered the opportunity to listen to check out an artist that I never heard before, I was all ears. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce John Garcia.

JOHN GARCIA is his self-titled debut album that explores one man’s outlook into the genre of rock n’ roll. The final track displays John Garcia’s singing talent on an acoustic song called “Her Bullets Energy,” which was a nice way to close not only the album, but a previous track called “His Bullets Energy.” The acoustic “Her Bullets Energy” features Robby Kreiger of THE DOORS, which brings a brand of rock n’ roll directly to John Garcia’s music, gaining approval in my book.

The first video from this album is “My Mind,” which gets another thumbs up from me. It was important to start this one off good, because it kept me interested as a first time listener to John Garcia’s music. The video seems to offset what you think you would see in reference to what you hear on record, which was nice for a change. The song reminded me of a more subtle, yet smooth kind of progressive rock, but the video definitely takes a turn for a more twisted, grotesque kind of image. Garcia has a kind of 90’s rock n’ roll vocal sound, which I thought was refreshing to hear since he clearly did not go out of his way to make things difficult on his end. The album is full of simple, but quality music that is worth giving a chance.

While there were a few songs that didn’t leave a lasting impression on me for this record, I do have a few that I really enjoyed, such as “The Blvd.” This song tells a good story and I thought it was the one that really should be used to push John Garcia’s sound for future recordings. To me, it had the most soul, which I think is the one element that goes a long way in rock n’ roll. Garcia’s voice is full of it, but the music in “The Blvd” complimented his voice the most throughout the entire record. Another song that caught my attention was “5000 Miles,” which is quite similar to a certain catchy chorus of an old, very commercialized song that I grew up with in the 90’s.

I smell a trend with Garcia relating to good 90’s rock n’ roll. Either way, “5000 Miles” was a song that kept catching my attention on the multiple spins I gave this record. This album is out now via Napalm Records, so if you really are nostalgic about rock n’ roll, then I think John Garcia is a safe pick for you. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to it on your own!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “My Mind”, “The Blvd”, “5000 Miles”, “His Bullets Energy”, “Her Bullets Energy”

RATING: 7/10


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