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When I started to listen to this album, I did not know what to think. Heavy Fruit was a far cry from the previous records like I Am Hollywood and Suck Out The Poison. I was a fan of how HE IS LEGEND used to be a more in your face, down your throat kind of metalcore band that reminded me a lot of EVERY TIME I DIE. To be fair, I know that the times change with how bands sound, so I gave this album an honest attempt. At first, I wasn’t really getting into it much at all. Yes, it is progressive, but it was too calming. It was too much unlike the band that I knew before. And yet, I kept going.

The first few songs I liked. I realized very quickly that they were going for a progressive rock sound and I wanted to see what they could do with that change. A few songs were just too slow for my taste, dragged on a little too much, or were a little too repetitive, but they weren’t an accurate representation of the entire album. The first song that really caught my attention was “Miserable Company,” which reminded me of how gritty HE IS LEGEND can be with their rock sound, but yet so simple and smooth with vocal patterns and harmonies that match almost exactly with the riffs.

Another song on this record that really stood out to me, maybe even the most was “ABRACADABRA.” This was just fun to listen to. And where it appears on the album, it serves to up the tempo at a time when the music seemed to be straying away from being as heavy as it could have been. Also, the ending of “ABRACADABRA” was probably the one I remember the most from Heavy Fruit. And the title track is a fantastic way to close things out because it worked best with the sound that the bandproduced on this record. To be fair, I liked what I heard after being on hiatus from listening to them for some time.

One track that I couldn’t get into on the album no matter how many times I heard it was “I Sleep Just Fine.” I couldn’t deal with the sappy lyrics and the music made me think of a washed-up POISON ballad that just did not seem to belong on this record, or anywhere in the band’s repertoire. To me, they are much more talented than this song suggests which is further evidenced by about ten other tunes on this same record.

Heavy Fruit will be released on August 19 via Tragic Hero Records and marks the first record released by the group since 2009’s It Hates You. Recently HE IS LEGEND announced a US tour with MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Miserable Company”, “Something, Something, Something Witchy”, “ABRACADABRA”, “Heavy Fruit”

RATING: 7.7/10


One comment to “He Is Legend – Heavy Fruit”
One comment to “He Is Legend – Heavy Fruit”
  1. I agree with your thoughts on this, but the stand out for me was Be Easy. Funky and fun, I thought the album was going to be similar to Something Witchy and caught me off guard. Everytime I listen to the album I hear something new, I love albums like that!

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