Joe Waller Talks About Nuklear Frost, VII, Amiensus, And Adora Vivos

JOE WALLER 3A few months back I sat down with Joe Waller, a guy who plays guitar and writes songs in NUKLEAR FROST, AMIENSUS, ADORA VIVOS, and VII. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. You’re probably wondering, as I did, how the hell he finds time for all of these bands, but he seems to make it work. I was able to discuss all four and get an idea of what is happening with each, as far as albums, touring, and writing, etc. So grab a seat and see what Joe had to say:

Amps: OK, so first things first…NUKLEAR FROST. Holy shit, man! What a record!!

Joe: That’s good to hear. I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. It’s one of those things that we’ve been working on for a long time, so to finally get it out there and get it released feels great.

Amps: Yeah, I sent the link to ERIC THE BULL and he was like, “Holy shit! Where the fuck has this been??” How long has this been in the works?

Joe: NUKLEAR FROST was formed by our bass player and drummer as kind of a personal project of theirs in 2004; they’re the ones that came up with the name. And then it kind of sat on hiatus for the better part of seven years without very much activity other than a three-song demo a few years ago. I came onboard in 2011 and that’s when we started working on the music we have now.

Amps: What are the plans moving forward?

Joe: We have Joel Costa at Against Promotion helping us. We are really gonna try to get it out there a little more as far as magazine connections and label connections. We’ve got a guy ready to do promotional art for us. We’re gonna pursue working with some different labels. Our physical copies are gonna be released through Tridroid Records here in Minnesota, who are really, really cool guys and they help A LOT of bands on the local scene here. There’s been a ton of awesome music here recently, too.

NUKLEAR FROST COVERAmps: I love the logo too. The black and white is clean and well-defined. Plus, it doesn’t look like tree branches!

Joe: (Laughs) that was actually designed by a Belgian artist named Cristophe Szpajdel who’s well known in black metal. He’s done work for EMPEROR and a bunch of others. Also, the guy who’s doing the cover art, it’ll be real interesting to see what he comes up with. We’ll definitely be using that black and white for shirts and stuff.

Amps: I really think that the production on this record is something else. Once the world gets a taste of this, there will be no stopping NUKLEAR FROST.

Joe: That’s excellent to hear, man. So far the reception has been incredible. We’ve had very, very good responses to the things people have heard. We have some other songs we’re working on for hopefully an October release. We’re tentatively planning on two releases this year. The guy that does our mixing and mastering is a guitar tech for some of the bigger bands, so it really all depends on his schedule. He’s the guy we go to because he understands the genre and he gets our sound.

Amps: Shifting gears for a moment, do you think you’ll get on any national tours?

Joe: It’s possible, actually. Back in spring of 2013 we were talking to a few people about opening for MELECHESH. We’re really gonna try to get onboard with something like that in the near future. I think what killed us before is that our schedules weren’t as flexible as they needed to be, plus we didn’t have a recording available whereas now we are in a better position stability-wise to tour and we actually have an album out as well.

JOE WALLER 2Amps: I have to ask you about VII, obviously. What is happening there?

Joe: We are still writing. We’re being very picky about the stuff that we’re selecting. Both Chela (Rhea Harper) and I have lots of stuff going on and we both have lots of different ideas that we have to contribute to the project and I know it’s taking forever, and frustrating to the people who want to hear more, but we’re just making sure everything is right before we put out more material. Currently I split my time between four different projects, and we just wanna make sure we have all the right people, too. We need to have a live drummer, and we’ve been working with one who lives in Minneapolis. It’s slow going, Chela’s very busy with WHITE EMPRESS which is awesome, just a killer opportunity for her. I’m really looking forward to getting material out there, though.

Amps: I can’t wait to hear it, because I’ve been playing “Entropy” on an almost daily basis since last July. It sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard.

Joe: I think our combined influences and our different influences turned it into something that works. It has a very unique quality to it. You can’t really pin down what it sounds like. I mean, you can hear certain influences there, but you can’t say it’s any one thing.

Amps: When do you foresee the VII record being done?

Joe: I couldn’t even make a prediction on that; I really don’t know. The shitty thing about being in multiple projects is that anything can happen at any moment while you’re going back and forth working with different people.

Amps: Well, you know, who told you that you need to be in fifteen THOUSAND projects, Joe??

JOE WALLER 1Joe: (Laughing) my brain told me to. I was in more at one time!

Amps: Let’s talk about AMIENSUS. What are you guys up to?

Joe: We are getting things ready for a second album. We start recording very soon. We did a split a few months ago with OAK PANTHEON called Gathering, and that did really well. We also created this tour flier on April 1 that said we were doing this big run with them, but at the bottom of it, like at the very bottom in tiny print, we put “April Fools”. And with the amount of disappointment we got from everyone after they found out, made us feel like a bunch of assholes, honestly. So now we really want to work to make that happen for everyone.

Amps: Last one of your many projects…what’s going on with ADORA VIVOS?

Joe: ADORA VIVOS is kind of on hiatus right now. The music we create, I don’t know, for me I have to be in a certain mindset to write like that. The lyrics on the first record are very deep and I want to make sure that when we do get together for another one that it’s up to the same standards, and not just crank something out.

Amps: Say something to all the fans of your myriad of projects.

Joe: I just wanna say thank you for your continued support and encouragement. All four bands have a lot of different fans but at the end of the day the response is overwhelming. Thank you for spreading the word and please continue to support the music.


To call Joe Waller “busy” would be the understatement of the century. Not one, not two, but four bands?? I think the man is nuts, but what do I know. The cool thing about all of this is that not one of these projects sounds the same. The diversity is what makes each one of them worth checking out. Personally, NUKLEAR FROST is my favorite (at least until I hear a FINISHED VII album!!), but again, check out all of Joe’s stuff. You won’t be sorry.

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