Rocco’s Remote: Sean Bean Returns With TNT’s Legends


So I just happen to catch a commercial (I know, what’s that?)for a show on TNT called Legends and it was being heralded as Sean Bean’s big return to TV. Being a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, and in particular, a REALLY HUGE Ned Stark fan, I felt I owed it to Mr. Bean to at least check out the pilot.

Bean’s Martin Odum is an FBI deep cover special agent. Perhaps their best. Martin has an innate ability to really become the person he is pretending to be. Almost as if the FBI hired a method actor. In describing his “legend’s” back story (that’s the name the bureau calls the made up person), Martin actually goes into character at one point without even realizing it. And one must keep in mind that Martin speaks with a British accent and his legend is a Virginian militia member with a stutter. His handlers, played by Heroes’ Ali Larter and Steve Harris, seem to be at odds when it comes to Odum. Larter’s Crystal doesn’t like that he fails to report in while under cover, while Harris’s Yates says he’s the best legend in the history of the bureau.

Odum also has the prerequisite ex-wife and a kid who he doesn’t see for months at a time. So far, it sounds like your pretty standard cop fare, right? Well if that were it, then I would put it right up there with other safe shows that have that formula you can predict right from the opening sequence. But what Legends does is throw a little curve ball: The possibility that Martin Odum, that very identity, may just be another legend. An outside influence tries to reveal to Odum that his “real” life might not be all it seems.

I will say that after watching the pilot, I was intrigued enough to throw it up onto the DVR’S season pass list to see if the writers have done the idea justice. For Sean Bean’s sake, man I really hope so. You can catch Legends on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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