The Mayhem Files 2014 – Vol. II: Joel Moore From Wretched

For our second Mayhem Fest interview we had a brief chat with Joel Moore, guitarist from WRETCHED who are currently tearing things up with newest record Cannibal and slayed live from what I’m told. Due to a scheduling mix-up I missed their set. Joel was quick to reassure me they’d be back here in Dallas at some point, though. So, here it is:


Amps: I must apologize for missing your set today. But hopefully you’ll be back to see us?

Joel: Oh yeah, definitely. Dallas is one of our favorite places. Texas in general, but Dallas is awesome!

Amps: OK…now. Let’s talk about what you guys might have done, or maybe caused. I spoke with Ezra Haynes from ALLEGAEON just before their new record came out. And I’m given to understand that it was while YOU-WRETCHED was staying there that MEGATRON started his killing spree. All that bunny decapitation and serial killing started around that time…

Joel: (Throws up hands and laughs) that…is bullshit! Because he was telling us that MEGATRON had done it before but I guess us being there, too many fuckin’ metal dudes in one room or something, MEGATRON went fuckin’ crazy! He killed two rabbits and maimed a third.

Amps: He takes their heads off! It doesn’t get more metal than that!

Joel: He destroys them, it’s brutal. And then after we left we just kept getting the updates from Ezra on Facebook. If you wanna say we’re indirectly responsible, whatever man, I’ll take it (laughs)!

Amps: I picked up Cannibal not too long ago. Tell me about some of the instrumental work on there.

WRETCHED CD 2014Joel: That’s one of the things that we’ve always done from the very first LP that we ever did. We ended up doing a ten-minute instrumental and everybody loved it, so it became kind of our thing and we just stuck with it. It’s nice to go outside of the box and fuck around for seven or eight minutes at a time, you know? That’s one of our staples and we’re gonna keep doing it.

Amps: I really like the record. I hope you come back with a longer set, though. The songs on this album need to be played live!

Joel: Thank you, man. And that’s the thing, too. When we’re doing headliners or direct support tours since we’ve got four albums to choose from, we’ll take a little section from each instrumental and make a little medley of them all.

Amps: When I asked Ezra who his dream tour would be, he said, “I’d love to go back out with WRETCHED.” He was talking about how much fun you all had together.

Joel: Likewise, man. We love those guys.

Amps: This is the last night of Mayhem for you. What have you learned from being on the road with all these bands who have been doing this for so long? Old pros, so to speak?

Joel: To keep sticking it out. To keep doing what we’re doing, ’cause we’re headed in the right direction.

Amps: What’s one of the best memories you have of this summer madness?

WRETCHED BAND LIVEJoel: Oh God! The one that sticks out most is the very first day of Mayhem we’re playing in front of three or four thousand people in San Bernardino. And that’s the most fuckin’ people I’ve ever played for so I’m already nervous as shit and rockin’ out looking at this crowd like “Whaaaat the fuck??’ and I turn around and ICE-T is behind us just jammin’ the fuck out. He listened to our entire set and loved the whole thing. As soon as I walk offstage he goes, ‘Dude, you fuckin’ killed it!” I’m thinking, “Is this real? Is this life right now?” So that’s probably one of the more fond memories of this tour. And BODY COUNT’S set is easily the most fun I’ve watched, too.

Amps: What’s next for WRETCHED?

Joel: (Laughs) we’re gonna go home and take a nap. We’re working on another couple of tours, so we’re gonna try and do another full U.S. run soon. Then we’re hoping to hop across the pond to Europe and see what it’s like over there. We’ll see what happens.

Amps: What do you want to say to all the WRETCHED fans out there?

Joel: Thank you. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for telling your friends about us. Thank you for coming out and headbanging at shows with us, smokin’ weed with us, drinkin’ beer with us. That’s why we’re here, man. To meet new people and make new friends and fans, and just have a good time. We love what we do because there are people who love what we do. So, thank you.


Although the conversation was short, I really enjoyed hanging with Joel. He’s a super-cool dude, and he took the MEGATRON accusations in great fun. Cannibal is album number four, and I highly suggest you pick it up, along with Son of Perdition, Beyond the Gate, and The Exodus of Autonomy. You can do so right here at the Victory Records website. WRETCHED is a band that is as musically precise as they are brutally heavy and you can’t go wrong with any of their stuff.

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