Rocco’s Remote: Sons Of Anarchy Promises One Hell Of A Final Ride

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mor·al com·pass
– used in reference to a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly.

Just before I sat down to watch Sons of Anarchy, one of my all-time favorite TV shows begin its seventh and final run, I went on the computer to read my review of last season’s brutal finale, and started thinking of some of the major episodes the series has had. And what keeps popping up in my head is the thought of Jax Teller and his moral compass (sounds like a children’s story I know). Throughout the series, Jax ( played to perfection by the very talented Charlie Hunnam), has always struggled with being a good man for his loved ones, while trying to be an effective leader in the Motorcycle club that is so entwined in his personal history. Before he ascended to his role as president and picked up “the gavel”, he had thoughts of leaving the only life he’d ever known because he learned that his father( the club’s co- founder and past president) had realized too late in his own life that the club family wasn’t the one he should care most about. When Jax did eventually become the club president, ironically, he wound up being even more ruthless than his predecessor. All the while promising Tara that he was choosing her and the kids and he was trying to tie up loose ends or trying to get the club away from guns and back to more traditionally safe stuff like pornography, so that he could feel OK about abdicating his throne.

I wrongly believed that when, in Season Five, he lost his best friend Opie, that his moral compass was gone and that hell was gonna follow. But, other than the usual death and mayhem, he was still pretty singular in his desire to steer the club to safety. Now, fast forward to last night’s episode and I realized that with Tara now gone, Jax may not even have a human side left to him. He realizes that moving an outlaw MC away from being an outlaw MC was, perhaps, a misstep.

Show runner Kurt Sutter has written this series like someone who cares about its outcome, so I believe we can expect this final season to finish off in a way that makes sense. I think that Jax will stay in the dark place that Tara’s murder put him in, for a while. And I shudder to think about what’s going to happen to Juice (Theo Rossi) and Gemma (Katey Sagal) if and when Jax or the club find out what they did. There are a couple of safe bets for this final ride:

  1. There’s probably going to be a turf war
  2. People will die. Brutally.

Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess…

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