Twisted Sister/Adrenaline Mob/Killcode Light Up NYC!! – Best Buy Theater, 9/5/14


Man, it’s always so cool as an editor when you get an e-mail from one of your guys telling you he wrote up and shot a gig you wish you could have attended but you are thousands of miles away. Well that is exactly what happened to me. Writer/photographer Max R. Sequeira sent me this write-up and photos as a nifty little surprise the other night, which is awesome because I’m a huge fan of all three bands. So check this out through Max’s own eyes and ears!!


The TWISTED SISTER Benefit concert at the Best Buy Theater rocked! An all ages, well rounded, overall good turnout was treated to three awesome New York-based acts on this fateful night. Good clean fun. With shows of this caliber, it’s obvious that TWISTED SISTER isn’t going anywhere yet. A.J. Pero pulled double duty, playing with ADRENALINE MOB and TWISTED SISTER back to back. Plus the show was hosted by Don Jamieson of VH-1 Classic’s That Metal Show.


This is the second time that KILLCODE has opened up for TS, with the last time being over in New Jersey’s own Starland Ballroom. And at both of these two concerts, they killed it! They had a great crowd response and reaction. Having personally witnessed both shows, it was a great feeling to see a prominent communal New York City-based underground band get the opportunity to play in front of a classic veteran hometown band and get a good crowd reception. It’s good shows like these where the torch gets passed down.


If you haven’t had the chance to listen to or experience KILLCODE, check them out HERE!!


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