The Pretty Reckless/Adelitas Way/Falling Through April Rock The House Of Blues!! – Dallas, TX – 9/27/14

p369825915-2Saturday evening would find the wonderful Ryan Whitehead of Ardent Owl Media and me at the House of Blues for the much anticipated PRETTY RECKLESS. This would be our fourth time seeing them, and I was eager to hear more songs from new album Going to Hell live. Let’s start from the beginning though, shall we? Because if I’ve learned one thing over the past four years of being a fan, it’s that THE PRETTY RECKLESS sure know how to pick good openers. Every time I see ‘em, I come away with another couple of albums and another couple of bands to keep up with.

First off, FALLING THROUGH APRIL serenaded us with their BOYS LIKE GIRLS/ALL TIME LOW-esque vibe. I think the mix was a little bit off at the beginning of their set, but the great sound guys at the HOB were able to fix it quickly. They got a little bit heavier for a couple of songs including “Enigma” from their first album, and were really able to pull it off.

Bravo boys. I look forward to hearing more!

p858523388-2Next up was ADELITAS WAY. Now, these guys I had heard of before. I didn’t know much of their music but I had heard a couple things and liked it so far. So I was really curious to hear them live. Holy Bejesus! Yes, I still like them; these guys can rock! They kicked it off with “The Collapse” from their second album, this I think got the attention of the crowd as my little spot back and to the left of the stage suddenly got much smaller. It’s a good thing that personal space isn’t a big deal for me…anyways, they followed that up with “Dog on a Leash’, and ‘Save the World.” The first and second singles respectively, off their new record Stuck.

Lead singer Rick DeJesus then took a moment to ask the crowd if they were there with someone they loved. A boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, mom or dad? “Show them you love them! Hug them, kiss them, give ‘em a high five! This next song is dedicated to you!” he said as they began to play “Alive.” They followed that up with “Stuck”, “We Came”, and “Criticize”, before rocking our balls off with one of my personal favorites, “Sick.” Some audience participation was then called on for their parting song “Invincible.”

Ryan and I then took this break to run down and get a shirt and album. Shout out to my blue-haired sister at THE PRETTY RECKLESS merch booth! Stay frosty.

And now, the moment we’ve all been wait for…… THE PRETTY RECKLESS!

p363091409-2They came out strong with what has become the standard opener, “Follow Me Down.”  Also the leadoff track from the new album, Taylor Momsen’s pleasurable moans and groans filled the room. I was a little apprehensive at this moment because the last time I had seen them at the House of Blues, she seemed a little distant and not quite so into the show. Her stage antics weren’t so great now either, just standing at the mic and headbanging a little. Don’t get me wrong, this chick can sing the hell out of basically anything, so I was still enjoying it. But I’ve seen her when she’s REALLY, honest to God into it and holy fuck! When that happens…This stage presence continued through “Since You’re Gone” but I suppose they just needed to get warmed up because as they began to play the ever-so-creepy “Sweet Things” it all changed. Taylor removed her shawl and really started to perform.

They rocked the ever living daylights out of “Miss Nothing” before slowing it down a bit for “Cold Blooded.” That was one I was not all that familiar with, but definitely a goodie. We get to hear much more of lead guitarist Ben Phillips vocal abilities on this track. Taylor dedicated “Dear Sister” to someone very special to her, which then flowed right into the extremely kickass “Absolution.” It’s a great track on the album, and even better live!

“Shotgun to the Party” was next before throwing it back to the first song they ever released as a band, “Make Me Wanna Die.” The crowd really had her back on this one, singing along to every word! We continued this trend through “Heaven Knows” and “Going to Hell” which Taylor told us to rock our balls off for, for their last song of the night, and man did we! Good God, the grungy tones Ben, and bassist Mark Damon had absolutely demanded it and there was no way to not get into it!

p865646960-2People, People, People. Now is when I have to rant for a moment. First of all, don’t leave before the last song of the actual set is over! I don’t care if you’re trying to beat the crowd or whatnot, you don’t leave while the concert is still going on!!! And to those of you who did stay, we are not entitled to an encore. We have to scream our heads off to ask them to give us more! Cheer, scream, clap, I don’t care just make noise. Don’t just stand there waiting. We need to make them know how much we enjoyed them and want more! It’s up to us to get them back on the stage! It’s really sad when the guitarist has to come out and ask for you to scream more. Unfortunately that’s what happened though. *Sigh* We were then treated to one more tasty audible morsel, with the all too appropriate “Fucked Up World.”

Damn, they rocked it. And as an interesting bonus, the bridge of the song morphed into a drum solo with the rest of the band members leaving the stage. Drummer Jamie Perkins seamlessly flowed through a reggae type feel, to an oddly techno vibe, and onto hardcore rock before pausing. He then stood up, took a picture of the crowd with his cellphone, flashed us the rock hand sign, and then sat back down before starting back into the bridge of “Fucked Up World” as the rest of the band came back out for the conclusion of the song. Man it was cool! Sadly they all bid us adieu for the last time before the roadies came out to break down the set.

Thank you to THE PRETTY RECKLESS, ADELITAS WAY, and FALLING THROUGH APRIL, for a wonderful evening of badass music. You guys absolutely KILLED it and I can’t wait to see you again!


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