Inside White Empress Part V: Jeremy Kohnmann

IMG_13717740415234Part V of our WHITE EMPRESS special features none other than Jeremy Kohnmann, the other half of WHITE EMPRESS’ guitar duo alongside Mr. Paul Allender. Once again, due to some mutual CRAZY schedules it was very hard for Jeremy and me to connect but we finally did. We also briefly touched on Jeremy’s other bands THE AWAKENING and _ash Aria_ and what’s going on with both of them respectively. So here it is. Only one more piece remains, and that’s coming soon:

Amps: We are less than a week away from the release of Rise of the Empress…what are you feeling??

Jeremy: Excited!! We’ve all put so much hard work, blood and sweat into this release and band; it’s going to be great to finally have it out!

Amps: What initially attracted you to WHITE EMPRESS?

Jeremy: The style of it all…musically and visually. It’s not quite like anything I’ve encountered out there yet.  Nothing sounds exactly like WHITE EMPRESS.

Amps: And after you heard what was taking shape, what went through your mind?

Jeremy: Like I mentioned a moment ago, all I could think of was how massive and different this is sounding from everything else out there in the metal world these days.

Amps: What does the WHITE EMPRESS mean and symbolize to you?

IMG_1437072941154Jeremy: WHITE EMPRESS is something new. Something ready and eager to be unleashed on a world so very much in need of an awakening…and an ass-kicking (laughs)

Amps: What are you currently playing/playing through?

Jeremy: I play ESP guitars exclusively. Amp-wise, there are a few different things I pull out depending on the demands of the studio, show, and/or tour.  I am typically seen using Mesa Boogie and Orange amps onstage.

Amps: As far as your other bands, THE AWAKENING and _ash Aria_, what’s happening with them?

Jeremy: Both bands have new releases in the works for the coming months. Be sure to check them out at their respective websites and Facebook pages!

Amps: Why is it that EVERY member of WHITE EMPRESS is in fifty thousand other projects??

Jeremy: So much creative juice flowing in our circle of musicians. It’s hard to contain it (laughing)!

CDVILEF545 20pp Bk.inddAmps: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a musician?

Jeremy: That’s a good question. I haven’t put much thought into it really…probably something super-nerdy. Or something else allowing me to travel like I do now.

Amps: What can you tell us about the WHITE EMPRESS live show? Anything?

Jeremy: It will be beastly. There are no words! We’re putting a lot of time into preparations. We are bringing a massive show to the masses and can’t wait!

Amps: Say something to all the WHITE EMPRESS loyal subjects out there…

Jeremy: First and foremost, THANK YOU for all of your love and support shown to each of us individually and as a whole. You all are fucking amazing and I can’t wait to meet you all on tour this fall in the Midwest USA and everywhere 2015!


If you are reading this right now then you already know that Rise of the Empress is available everywhere and anywhere albums are sold as we speak via Peaceville Records. So you can either hop online and get on iTunes, or take a cab, train, or boat to whatever brick and mortar place you usually frequent. The point is, get this WHITE EMPRESS into you by any means necessary.

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