Rocco’s Remote: The Strain Season Finale


The Strain, one of the best surprises of the summer, ended its freshman run last night. This modern day drama of vampires in New York City was one of my favorite shows this year. FX’S fresh take on bloodsuckers and apocalyptic television really found its footing quickly. In just 13 episodes we were able to get a good understanding of where the story started for one of our main protagonists, Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley), as well as see firsthand how fast the “disease” took over NYC.

We met The Master (played scaringly good by Robin Atkin Downes). Throughout the season we saw how our group of survivors struggled to not only come to grips with the new reality, but somehow find the lair of the head vamp and destroy him. And just when we thought we figured out the direction of the show, we met these other vampire dudes that clearly weren’t out for innocent blood. On the contrary, they were there to help mankind for some crazy reason. And last night we were given a new mind-fuck. There’s more Masters! And they’re like a super race of weird aliens and the evil master has broken a truce and the others are declaring war and looking for a few good human soldiers to be able to fight during the day. Now, tell me: How fucking cool is that?!

One of the reasons that I enjoyed the show so much was that I felt the writing to be almost believable. Now, I’m not saying that vampires taking over the five boroughs is likely to happen. I’m saying that if it did, The Strain accurately portrayed how it might play out, and I can’t wait for next year.

Keeping this show on season PASS!

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