Rocco’s Remote: Arrow Aims High For Season Three


Is it just me or is The CW doing everything possible to win the television comic book hero war? After last night’s solid series premiere of The Flash, the network’s original masked crusader took aim on Wednesday night for its third season opener. Oliver McQueen (Stephen Amell), Starling City’s number one ex-billionaire turned masked vigilante, turned city hero, has intentions of dating? That doesn’t sound very Arrow-like, does it? Things are happening in his city that is probably going to make it hell on his personal life. The good news is that Ollie’s peeps are all back too. His number two, John Diggle (David Ramsey) is dealing with more than just crime fighting. Felicity (the stunning Emily Bett Rickards) is handling more than just the tech stuff for Oliver. And Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) is now a full time member of the group.

After all the tragedies that have befallen Oliver over the last two seasons, it was almost weird to watch and not feel that Starling City was going to be destroyed. The show has hit its stride, and when we open the episode, it really felt as though these people were there the whole time between seasons. What I mean by that is it’s showing maturation as a whole. It has found its center and is all smooth sailing. Now, I don’t mean for the characters of course. Nobody would watch that drivel. The addition of new cast member Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer has me scratching my head a bit. An actor that previously played the Man of Steel in a show like this can’t be just a businessman. So, I am very excited to see where his character goes from here. There is also a visit from everybody’s favorite League of Shadows member, Black Canary (Caity Lotz), although not a very long one.

The idea of all these TV shows based on comic book characters starting to fill up primetime, has me smiling ear to ear. You are never too old to want to believe in superheroes.

Arrow will remain a Season PASS

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