Rocco’s Remote: The Flash Rockets Into Primetime on The CW


I would like to take a minute to tell all my readers (both of you!) why I’m so excited for this. When I was a little kid, and everyone else was bragging about Superman or Batman or Spider-Man, I was steadfast in my love and adoration for The Flash. I had Flash pajamas, Flash action figures, you name it, and I had it in Flash colors. My older brother and I would watch the Super Friends and Justice League cartoons and would argue for hours about who was better, Flash or Green Lantern(my brother’s favorite).

So, can you imagine my elation when I found out that the CW of all channels was doing The Flash spinoff from their Wednesday night powerhouse, Arrow. It was only a year ago I was introduced to Arrow by the Maestro after resisting for quite a while. And, if the pilot is any indication, they are not going in the super serious, dark, brooding, and vigilante-style beauty that Arrow is. It looks like they are bringing back the public-loving friendly superhero! Yes, that’s right, the ones from my youth. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is the same CSI assistant he was when he appeared in his episodes of the parent show. We get to see his personal backstory as well as how he becomes The Flash (This isn’t a spoiler because EVERYONE should know his real name, or at least one of them) I also was impressed with some casting choices. Law & Order’s Jesse L. Martin is back on the force as Detective Joe West, Barry’s surrogate dad, and real Dad to Barry’s bestie, Iris (Candice Patton). And Tom Cavanaugh plays Harrison Wells, Central City’s resident scientist.

Not giving anything away, the pilot showed the accident that those who watch the former already knew about and it would appear that there will continue to be “Meta-human after effects” of it for quite a few episodes to come. To hazard a guess here, I would say that the show will probably follow a bad-guy-of-the-week type of structure and that is just fine with me. In an era where so many shows are using the new formula of good guys who do bad things or bad guys who do good things, I welcome one that has a truly good guy doing “super” good things. I’m sure that Barry will have his share of heartbreak, (Hopefully with Felicty Smoak-ing hot (Emily Bett Rickards) in some good crossovers) and some good old fashion hero buddy ass kicking with his part time mentor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who showed up last night in a pretty cool cameo.

I give this one a Super-Season PASS

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