Rocco’s Remote: Legends Doubles Down For The Finale


Wednesday night saw Legends, TNT’S new Sean Bean drama finish up its (hopefully) freshman run with a double episode finale. Bean’s Martin Odum has been running in and out of his legends to try to find out if he is indeed who his ID says he is.

The season’s main underlying theme was that Martin might not be Martin. Each week there was either a new case to solve or a multi-episode bigger case. The D.C.O. (Deep Cover Operations) Unit was dealing with a foreign diplomatic assassination on U.S. soil and a conspiracy to blame it on an innocent woman. Martin encountered more people that “thought” they knew him and then they ended up regretting it. Throughout all of this chaos, it was becoming more evident that Martin was getting closer to finding information about his foggy past. He received some help along the way from Crystal (Ali Larter) and Tony (Morris Chestnut), his fellow agents.

The adrenaline-filled finale saw Martin getting answers about whom he was, but also finding out things he didn’t want to think were true. His wife (Amber Valetta) seems to be involved as well. Martin winds up seeing her do things that most moms aren’t capable of.  In the end, he winds up being set up to take the blame for another high profile assassination and, thanks to the aid of Gates (Steve Harris), Crystal, and Tony, he manages to escape capture and go underground and assume yet another legend.

TNT has not announced whether or not it’s going to be renewing the show, but I for one think that it deserves a second season. It wasn’t the best show on TV, but compared to some of the other drivel that’s on it was certainly good enough to warrant more. Sean Bean is a terrific actor. Some of the characters he’s played over the years have died too young, and Martin Odum shouldn’t be one of them.

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