Rocco’s Remote: The Walking Dead Looks To Slaughter the Competition


I could say this: The Walking Dead season five premiere aired Sunday night. But I would rather say this: AMC’s anchor of all anchors, The Walking Dead, returned to primetime Sunday night with an all out smorgasbord of gut-twisting, panic-inducing action.

The show picked up right where we left Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company last season, locked in a dark train car at Terminus, waiting for their captors to open the door. Without giving too much away here, what happened next blew my mind. Lets just say that there was a baseball bat, a machete, and an abattoir, and there were no animals to be seen for miles. And lets also say that Glen (Stephen Yeun) may not be the only one who will need to change his shorts! The remainders of the group, including the hillbilly Dr. Porter (Josh McDermitt) who has got information that can possibly end the zombie “problem”, are gearing up for a fight. Carol and Tyreese (Melissa McBride & Chad L. Coleman) are having their own problems with a Terminus resident while en route and Carol takes matters into her own hands when she realizes that her people may be in real danger. When you stop to think about where Carol started in this story, her transformation over the last few seasons rivals only Walter White, in that she has now become a total kickass, survive at all costs, tough broad. It looks like we’re also gonna see someone we haven’t seen in quite a while, who seems to be shadowing the group as they set out again.

I’ve found myself complaining about the show on occasion in the offseason because it’s so very dark and dreary, and almost always void of any happy moments. Then I remembered of course, that it’s a world set in the zombie apocalypse and life probably wouldn’t be a box of chocolates. But tonight I felt like it was ok to be happy at the end of an episode. And that will keep me tuned in for another whole season at least.

My DVR already knew this would be a Season PASS

3 comments to “Rocco’s Remote: The Walking Dead Looks To Slaughter the Competition”
3 comments to “Rocco’s Remote: The Walking Dead Looks To Slaughter the Competition”
  1. It was the episode we’ve been waiting for after all of those “cliffhanger, shocking moment season finale’s we’ve been promised.” There were many wow! moments. Without giving too much away either – you are spot on about Carol. She wasn’t looking for redemption, but got it with her actions. And Tyreese, man, he needs to let out that anger more often. By far the best moment was the post credit appearance of an old friend. Hopefully we find out about Beth in the next few episodes!

  2. Thanks for the comments Paula! I’m not really crazy about Tyreese though. Except of course when he’s whacking zombies with his bare hands! And, ya know, I almost completely forgot about poor old Beth.

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