Beyond Creation Takes Us Inside Earthborn Evolution

BEYOND CREATION BAND PICBEYOND CREATION are poised to return with their highly-anticipated second album Earthborn Evolution. I have to give a big “Thank You!” to Enrique over at Season of Mist for turning me onto them this past summer. So needless to say when the opportunity to speak with the entire band (Simon Girard: Guitars, Vocals, Dominic Lapointe: Bass, Kévin Chartré: Guitars, and Philippe Boucher: Drums) arose I almost broke my neck trying to get to my computer to do so! With the release of the record imminent, the guys were definitely fired up, and it was very interesting to get inside their approach in the studio. Check it out:

Amps: We are less than a week away from the release of Earthborn Evolution. How is everyone feeling?

ALL: Anxious…We are all very excited about it. After the release of The Aura, we had a lot of good comments and reviews about it but with Earthborn Evolution, we think it will be even better. This album will probably reach more people, metalheads or not and we are really excited to play more new songs live.

Amps: What, if anything, has changed in your approach to writing and recording in the three years since The Aura?

ALL: We still have the same approach that we had with The Aura. Simon writes all the songs and parts of the arrangements and once it’s done, we jam with him one at a time to build our parts and arrangements.  For the recording, we used the same technique. We record the drums first with Simon jamming live in the studio and after, we create the click and put it over the track. We follow with the guitars and the bass and once it’s over, we end with the vocals. You can clearly recognize our style in this album but we’ve all gained experience so we use more techniques and mechanics of playing, like fingerstyle, slap on the guitar and bass, jazz progressions. There are once again a lot of guitars and bass solos on this album. We listen to different styles of music and are all working on different projects so I think this allows us to broaden our horizons and incorporate more elements in our music.

Amps: How do you describe BEYOND CREATION to an uninitiated, new listener?

BEYOND CREATION CD COVERALL: We would describe it as a progressive death metal band to make it simple. But if we really want to put a variety of words that could describe our style, that would be a groovy progressive and melodic vibe, mixed with classical and jazz stuff….and a well-balanced amount of brutality on death metal music. (Laughs) Melodies that puts all the instruments in the foreground without exceptions.

Amps: The overall tone and feel of “Elusive Reverance” is really something else. That bass feels like it just comes out of the speakers and slaps the listener!

ALL: The mid sound of the bass pierces the mix. The approach is more deep and natural at the drum which makes harmony between the drum and the bass more interesting. We also used more low end on that album and we had to adjust the volume between the vocals, guitars and the drum to have a huge and natural sound.  We are proud to record with Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY) who is a very good sound engineer and he’s part of this amazing result.

Amps: How long do you anticipate touring for this record and will there be a full U.S. run?

ALL: Of course we will try to tour as much as we can in the next few years with that new album ‘cause there’s so many places we wish and need to go. We just came back a couple weeks ago from a U.S. tour with ORIGIN and KING PARROT and it was awesome. We haven’t toured Europe yet so surely after that the U.S will definitely be on our plans again.

Amps: Do you feel more at home in the studio or playing live? Or are both totally comfortable for you?

ALL: These are two completely different things. In the studio, this is the decisive moment, the most important part in the group as it is a point of no return. Live, it is very important for us to play our music as close as the album’s sound and we really appreciate travelling and playing for our fans…We like to do both but being in the studio certainly puts us more in a special vibe cause we see and hear our work progress into one and decisive final track

Amps: What do you all like to do away from the band? Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

BEYOND CREATION SIMONALL: Spending some times with family and friends is very important for us. Also just being outside and relaxing. Drinking beer is certainly a nice hobby (laughs)! Simon is a photographer and writes some fingerstyle/acoustic stuff. Philippe has several musical projects as its main project INCANDESCENCE, where he takes care of the instrumental part. He also plays in CHTHE’ILIST and DÉCOMBRES. Kevin plays in BROUGHT BY PAIN, UNHUMAN, HANGAR OF DETH (tribute to MEGADETH) and Dominic plays in AUGURY, BARF and TERAMOBIL. He also gives bass lessons and makes a lot of bicycles.

Amps: What are you listening to when you’re driving around, or just relaxing?

ALL: All kinds of music, jazz, rock, pop, metal, progressive, blues, classical. There are so many good things to listen to…listing them would be way too long (laughs)!

Amps: What albums in 2014 are you either looking forward to, or have already blown you away?

Simon: Liminal from EXIVIOUS was released at the very end of 2013 but I need to mention it because it has totally blown me away! Of course, ANIMALS AS LEADERS is on my top list too.


Kevin: ANIMALS AS LEADERS, The Joy of Motion is just a phenomenal album

Philippe: The Satanist from BEHEMOTH.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the BEYOND CREATION fans out there?

ALL: Ladies and gentlemen, get yourselves prepared for the second album and we’ll see you on our upcoming tours across the world! Thanks to all for your huge support!!!


BEYOND CREATION is set to unleash an album that everyone will be talking about, not just in 2014-15, but long after that. With everyone in the band’s varied influences and favorites it is safe to say that no two records from them will ever be alike and I cannot wait to catch them live when they return to U.S. soil. Earthborn Evolution will be out on October 28 via Season of Mist; make sure you pick yours up!


One comment to “Beyond Creation Takes Us Inside Earthborn Evolution”
One comment to “Beyond Creation Takes Us Inside Earthborn Evolution”
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