Abysmal Dawn And Septicflesh Light It Up in Fort Worth!! – 10/28/14

p742119814-4Sooooo, Ryan (Ardent Owl Media) and I went to Fort Worth, TX for my first AND last time the other night. I’m sorry, but four walls and some fluorescent lighting does not a club make. For some reason The Rail Club gets groups to play there. How is beyond me because the place is out in nowhere-land, and I just didn’t like the feel of that room at all. That said, I ventured out there to see two bands I am really diggin’ on right now, ABYSMAL DAWN and SEPTICFLESH for a night of some killer death metal!

Unfortunately due to hellacious traffic I got there late and was only able to catch two or three songs from CARACH ANGREN, but they sounded promising so I will be checking out more from them in the very near future. Up next was the moment I had been waiting for since the show was announced. ABYSMAL DAWN was set to take the stage.

p643871289-4For the uninitiated all I can say is this: you WANT to know this band, you NEED to know this band. The musicians are top-notch and live they delivered a short but fiery set that the crowd was clearly into, me included! “Rapture Renowned” and “My Own Savior” from 2011’s Leveling the Plane of Existence fit perfectly with the new material off of just-released Obsolescence. “Savior” was a definite set highlight though, because it is one of my favorites from the last record.

Charles Elliott and Andy Nelson rip shit apart with their blistering guitar work, and I cannot say enough about bassist Eliseo Garcia and especially Scott Fuller on the drums. Never in my life have I seen someone double-tap his ride cymbal with such quickness and precision that it was like a scene from The Flash, and his double-kick drums landed body blows to everyone there. When Charles introduced new song “Inanimate” I was in hog heaven. So what does he do next? He reads my mind and the band tears into “The Inevitable Return to Darkness”, another standout from Obsolescence! Closing out their set was one more from Leveling with “In Service of Time” which had a killer groove and stalking rhythm, plus the dual solo was pretty hot, too. Man, I can’t wait to see these guys again. They were all real nice too, and afterwards they signed the new CD for Mini-Amps, which is always a plus.

p889094859-4I gotta be totally honest here. I just couldn’t get into INQUISITION on this particular night. They were pretty good on Metal Alliance last spring, but it kind of felt like the same thing over and over this time around. I know everyone loves them, but I just don’t think they’re my cup of tea. Maybe I need to try again. No matter though, because SEPTICFLESH were up next!! Being a longtime fan I was dying to see how their brand of grandiose and symphonic death metal would sound and look live and I was surely not disappointed!

Opening with “The Vampire From Nazareth” the band, and singer/bassist Seth Siro Anton had this crowd in the palms of their hands from note one. “Communion” from the album of the same name was next and boy did the faithful go nuts. One of the best parts too, is that the first couple of songs had some sound problems like mic feedback, etc. but the band soldiered on and never once did any annoyance or anger show on their faces.

p1061747290-4The guys were here to deliver a fucking show and goddammit they weren’t gonna let silly little stuff get in the way of that. Even drummer Fotis Benardo, whose ride cymbal stand kept falling down onto his floor tom didn’t miss a beat. Hell, he smiled through it all. These boys are consummate pros all the way.

They then launched into “Order of Dracul”, one of my favorites from new album Titan, guitarists Christos Antoniou and Sotiris Anunnaki V. hacking away with their axes at the collective ears and heads of all in attendance. And then, after a silence fell over the room, Seth introduced the next song with the bellowing of “A Great Mass of Death”!! and SEPTICFLESH caused the Heavens to roar and the ground to shake in awe of their epic fury. Sticking with The Great Mass album, they tore into “Pyramid God” next, followed by the machine-gun blast beats of “Burn” also from the new record. Alas, there was only time for one more, so it was back to Communion for the mighty “Anubis” which left everyone’s thirst for SEPTICFLESH satiated, if only for now.

Despite the bad locale, I really had a great time watching ABYSMAL DAWN and SEPTICFLESH tear the place apart, and I am very anxious to see both of them live again, hopefully with much longer sets. The tour is over here in the States, but if either of them are hitting your countries, you owe it to yourselves to go. There’s no way in Hell you’ll be disappointed.


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