A Conversation With Demonic Resurrection’s Demonstealer!

DEMONIC RESURRECTION BAND 1Over the summer my good friend Jon Asher (Asher Media Relations) told me all about this killer band he saw at Wacken Open Air. That band was DEMONIC RESURRECTION, who, if you don’t know by now, I feel sorry for you. All it took was 30 seconds of one song for me to be all in on these guys. I contacted lead vocalist/guitarist Demonstealer and he very graciously agreed to the interview you see before you. He’s a very interesting guy, and he had a few surprises to reveal about himself. The new album The Demon King is out now worldwide via Candlelight Records. Check it out, metalheads:

Amps: How did DEMONIC RESURRECTION come together?

Demonstealer: In 1998 I discovered the joys of being able to write my own songs and record them at home all on my own. It was about a year later that I conceptualized my band called DEMONIC RESURRECTION. I knew what I wanted and I started writing more songs. After a fairly long hunt for a drummer I had given up all hope of ever putting together a line-up for DR and boldly decided I would go on stage with my computer and play my first gig. However that was not to be as shortly before this gig fell into place I ran into an old school friend Prashant Shah who agreed to be in my band, he was a guitar player. He brought along Aditya Mehta another guitarist who was also from my school and a young drummer Yash Pathak. I asked an old tuition mate of mine Farhad Arora to play keys and the line-up was ready for the first show. Since then we have had more line-up changes than IRON MAIDEN has albums but over the years we’ve always kept going and we are with the line-up that exists today.

Amps: How would you describe this band to the uninitiated?

Demonstealer: I would say we are a mix of black and death metal, more death metal these days with a symphonic edge to the music and of course a sprinkling of power metal. So it’s blast beats, lots of melody, a mix of growls and clean vocals and it’s just good ol’ symphonic death metal if I do have to narrow it down to a sub-genre.

Amps: The album The Demon King has been out for a little while now. How do you feel about the reaction it’s gotten so far?

DEMONIC RESURRECTION - ALBUM COVERDemonstealer: I’m quite pleased with the response so far, the fans have been loving the album. Most seem to think it’s our best work yet and most of the reviews have been very positive and have rated us highly.

Amps: As far as songwriting goes, how does it happen? Does everyone bring in demos, or is it more of a jam-based process?

Demonstealer: It’s changed a lot over the years, in the start it was me writing the songs and everyone just ‘learning’ them as is. With the late records we had more ‘jams’ and worked on material. Then it evolved to us writing our own songs and bringing them together to the studio and seeing where they go. For the next one we don’t know, maybe we’ll jam more or we’ll write individually and bring it to the studio. We’ve got a few months before we actively begin writing new material.

Amps: What are your tour plans and WILL you hit the U.S. in 2015??

Demonstealer: Unfortunately we’re still a small time band from India struggling and getting to the USA is beyond our financial ability and we aren’t big enough to be able to command a high enough fee to even break even on our flights to the USA let alone the expenses of being on the road. I do hope it will change but that will only happen when more people know about us and they like our music 🙂

Amps: What bands or albums are moving you right now?

Demonstealer: I am absolutely loving the new EVERGREY album as well as the new ANAAL NATHRAKH album. From my own country I’m totally grooving to the new album Man by BHAYANAK MAUT and I’m looking to hear the new SKYHARBOR record as well.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION BAND 2Amps: and your favorite release of 2014 so far?

Demonstealer: SKYHARBOR, BHAYANAK MAUT, EVERGREY, ANAAL NATHRAKH. The list could get quite exhausting.

Amps: When you’re not destroying stages in DEMONIC RESURRECTION, what do you do outside of the band? Any hobbies we should know about?

Demonstealer: Well I have two more bands apart from DR, REPTILIAN DEATH and WORKSHOP. So when I’m not working on any of these bands I love to cook and have my own YouTube cooking show called Headbanger’s Kitchen. So food and music are the two things I do with my life.

Amps: The keyboards are a very cool touch. Whose idea was that?

Demonstealer: When we started out I had a big black metal influence as well as bands like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, TRISTANIA, LACUNA COIL and all these bands had keyboards which is why I knew I wanted keys in DR. When Mephisto joined us in 2003 he brought in a more symphonic edge to the keyboard playing.

Amps: Say something to your fans worldwide…

Demonstealer: A huge thank you to all of you for listening to our music and supporting us. Cheers & Stay Demonic!


Pretty cool stuff, right? Demonstealer is one busy dude, no? You all seriously need to pick up The Demon King from DEMONIC RESURRECTION. Look for our review here at A&GS very soon. And if you want to learn some cool new cooking ideas, be sure to watch Headbanger’s Kitchen.


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