Deceptionist – The Beginning


DECEPTIONIST hail from Rome, Italy and they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Comprised of Andrea Di Traglia (vocals), Fabio Bartoletti (guitars), Antonio Poletti (guitars), Claudio Testini (drums) and featuring guest vocalist Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (HIDEOUS DIVINITY) on one track this band is guaranteed to knock you on your ass quick two-time! I dunno, there must be something in the water over in Italy because the death metal output from over there is just insanely good. The Beginning is just that…a glimpse into what this band is capable of.

After the intro of “The Beginning” we are treated to three tracks of pulverizing death metal, starting with “Through the Veil” featuring the guest vocals of Di Lorenzo. Blast beats, party of four? Your table is ready. This band wastes zero time dicking around and sets about the task at hand, which is fucking your shit up. My favorite is definitely “When Humans Began to Be Machines”. Everything about it is perfect; the structuring, the drumming, the riffs, the vocals, just everything.

The production on this EP is crystal clear and flawless. No one gets buried in the mix and the intensity is high, something you can feel from the very first listen. “Sunshine” features an intro from the 2007 movie of the same name and is an all-out blast-athon from Testini that also hosts some intricate guitar work from Poletti and Bartoletti. And just like that, the EP is done. DECEPTIONIST did the right thing with The Beginning, though. They gave us the ultimate fucking tease because they know exactly how good they are and this will just have us clamoring for more. I can’t wait till these guys unleash a full-length LP because nine or ten songs on tape will absolutely crush some skulls.



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