Laugh At The Fakes – Dethrone The Crown


Not to pile on or anything but when I first got the full-length self-released debut from Canada’s LAUGH AT THE FAKES I was less than impressed with the name. Quickest way to get me to NOT listen to your band is have four words in it. Because I immediately think of half of these sissy Hot Topic train wrecks masquerading as groups. Then while going through my promos looking for something new I figured, “What the hell?” and checked it out. And I have never been so happy to be wrong about a band in my life. Dethrone the Crown is available now and should definitely be on everyone’s “Must Check Out” lists. Let’s see, we have elements of NWOBHM, late 80’s rock and metal with a focus on melodic guitar solos, oh, and some thrash and prog in there as well! What the fuck?!?! Just listen and trust me.

“Death Awaits” and opener “Not like Me” are two where you’ll have no clue as to where they are headed, but the ride sure is fun. “Cut to the Chase” waxes the twin leads fashioned by the great British bands of ’80-’81. Even Everett Mason’s vocals and the band harmonies sound like something we’d find on our turntable from a bygone era; without a doubt one of the best tracks on the record. There’s a bit of a SKULL FIST feel to “Killing Time” another Canadian band I am absolutely bonkers over, so that was fun. This also might be the most straightforward metal song as well with more harmonized solos and a wall of riffs. The band flexes their collective muscles with the grooves of “Fighting Dirty” when suddenly just before the two-minute mark everything goes relatively quiet, save for the bass. Then it takes off at a double-kick drum gallop, the whole group thrashing out at the end.

Another stellar track is “Harmonica Playing Man” mixing a very soft tom tom pattern with sweet vocal harmonies and a very watery clean guitar line on the verses, with the hook going full-on rock. The vintage vibe is back for “And I” the riffs bearing down on you with a vengeance once again. Closing things out is the title track “Dethrone the Crown” a fearsome slab of metal that when all is said and done will have you hitting REPEAT several times. LAUGH AT THE FAKES is anything but laugh-inducing. This is a band that is seriously talented, and their songwriting is so good you can expect this name to be on everyone’s tongue in 2015.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cut to the Chase”, “Dethrone the Crown”, “Harmonic Playing Man”, “And I”, “Killing time”

RATING: 9/10

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