Roses Unread – “Fallen” (Single)


It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of ROSES UNREAD. They are not only an excellent band, but outstanding people, every single one of them. This was truly evident when their tour rolled through Dallas back in March and I got to see them tear it up live and chat with all of them. So now, a year and change after their excellent self-titled third album, the band has unleashed a new single “Fallen” for your listening pleasure (mine too!).

I’ve mentioned the similarities to SEVENDUST before. Vocalist Allison Teague Purifoy and her husband, guitarist John Purifoy both love that band every bit as much as I do, so it’s no surprise to find shades of one of their biggest influences in their own music. “Fallen” starts off with some menacing bass from Brant (the Beard) Sollis before the hammer swings down and the whole band comes in, drummer and newest member Grant Brooks in the driver’s seat while John and guitarist Blake Becton weave a tapestry made up of riffs and grooves. And really, what more can I say about Allison? Her voice is pure honey on this track, which also features some throaty growls from Brant for extra “oomph”!

Heavy, pulsating, and with a hook the size of Texas, “Fallen” is an outstanding song from one of the brightest young bands in the rock world today. ROSES UNREAD do it again with this one, people!!

RATING: 10/10

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