Having Drinks With Design Of Destiny’s Rusty Holloway And Andrew Patterson


Welcome to our first edition of 2015’s Local Heroes. Here we’ll spotlight some regional bands with a sizeable following that you need to be aware of. From Dallas to Philadelphia to New York City to Los Angeles and many cities in between, we will be bringing you coverage of bands we feel have something to say. We will also provide you with links to their social media pages and where to purchase tickets for upcoming shows. Not long before A&GS left Texas I had the chance to sit down for a couple of drinks with some friends of mine in DESIGN OF DESTINY, a metal band based in and around the Dallas area. With their EP Beyond the Sky they are equal parts pummeling and melodic, and live they pack some serious punch. Andrew Patterson (vocals) and Rusty Holloway (guitar, vocals) gave us some unique insight into what makes this band tick. Have a look:

DOD - RUSTYAmps: How long has this line-up of DESIGN OF DESTINY been together?

Rusty: This line-up has been together for about a year. We’ve had a couple of different line-up changes here and there. One guy moved and then others just didn’t have the same dedication that we did.

Andrew: It’s official in January, that’s when I was abducted into the band. I’m the newest member and also the baby.

Amps: Who does the writing in the band?

Rusty: Since I’ve been here from day one I’ve had a lot of stuff written. There wasn’t a whole lot of collaborative writing before but we’ve been working to get the new songs written together, though.

Andrew: The new EP for example, a lot of that is material that Rusty had previously written, but we’re currently working on collaborative efforts for an album.

Amps: What’s the ETA on new material? Can you say?

Andrew: Mmmm, hard to say but we’re shooting for spring.

Rusty: Yeah, I would like to say that spring is the latest. But we don’t wanna push it. We were kind of in a rush to finish the first one to meet our show schedule, so we’re trying to avoid doing that again.

Amps: As the newest member of the band, what’s life been like for the past year with these guys, Andrew?

DOD COVERAndrew: I would say fairly successful so far. I think we’ve paved a lot of ground in the five shows we’ve done since the release, and people seem to dig it, so that’s positive.

Amps: Your last show of 2014 was a short time ago. What’s happening now? Are you dug in and writing?

Rusty: We have a couple things to tie up, but we’re recording now. There are things that we might end up changing here and there since it’s more of a collaborative effort this time around. A couple of the newer songs might need some tweaking.

Andrew: The production was a little rushed on the first one, so we’d like to avoid that.

Amps: Where do you write/record? Where does the magic happen?

Rusty: A lot of the recording is at my place. Josh (Johnson, Drum) is actually recording his drums at his place this time. He does most of the mixing there after the fact as well. Vocals are done at my place a lot, Tyler (Barnes) can record bass at his place, and Ryan (Dickinson, guitar) can do that, too. We all have the capabilities for recording and then passing tracks around.

Andrew: Technology has really changed the way we do things.

Amps: What are you both listening to these days? What is moving you?

DOD - ANDREWRusty: Last few days for me has been SOREPTION. My buddy Bryce wanted to do a drum cover of one of their songs and asked me to learn the guitar. It’s super, super-complex riffing. I can do some complex things but nowhere near that level.

Andrew: I’ve been throwing it back just a little bit to some BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME’S Colors, and I went back to Holographic Universe by SCAR SYMMETRY.

Amps: Funny you bring them up because there are a few bands that when they put out an album it’s like a Battle Royale at A&GS over who gets to review it. I love that new SCAR SYMMETRY disc The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity).

Andrew: I think it’s badass, too.

Rusty: It sounds old, but also futuristic. Like kickass 80’s-meets-future-metal.

Amps: Looking ahead, what do you see happening for DESIGN OF DESTINY?

Andrew: A shit-ton more riffs, hopefully!

DOD FLYERRusty: I want to continuously put new music out all the time. I don’t want to rush, but at the same time I get disappointed when bands take two to three years to put out albums. I’m like, “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?” I know how it goes with schedules and stuff, but that’s a goal of mine. I think DREAM THEATER is doing a great job of consistently putting out records.

Amps: You mentioned new music. You’ve got one EP done and another on the way. Do you see yourselves staying on the EP route, or do you want to do a full-length at some point?

Rusty: We’re gonna do this next EP and then shoot for an album after that. We just want to throw out a couple of chunks of songs, see what happens, get a pulse going and build up to an album release.

Andrew: The album I feel will be the true DESIGN OF DESTINY sound. Everyone’s had a great word to get in on this new stuff and it’s groovy and heavy.

Rusty: It should come together very quickly, I think.

Amps: How long have you been honing your vocals, Andrew? And Rusty, how long have you been playing guitar?

Andrew: It’s been about six years for me. I’ve been doing it since I was 15. 16.

Rusty: As far as really diving into it and practicing a lot I started that around 16, 17. It’s embarrassing because then I see some guys who have been playing for four years that can smoke me and I’m like, “Dammit!”

Amps: What do you want to say to all your friends and fans?

Andrew: I would definitely say that the best is yet to come, even after this new EP. I feel this is the last push we need to really be inspired for our album.

Rusty: I don’t have anything epic to say, so…what he said (everyone laughs).


At press time the boys in DESIGN OF DESTINY are slated to play at MY favorite place on Earth, Trees Dallas this Saturday night January 24 with some killer bands like BLACKSTAR REPUBLIC, IN SEARCH OF SIGHT, and a few more. You can grab tickets HERE, as well as the Beyond the Sky EP, shirts, and some other cool merch. So come on down this weekend and support the bands. And more importantly, do your part to support local music, people!


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