Ingested – The Architect of Extinction


Manchester, England’s INGESTED are back with their third slamming death metal offering The Architect of Extinction. This so-called “deathcore” is a much-maligned sub-genre of metal but I hardly think this band should be lumped in with that nonsense. Opting for more brutality than technicality (which is not to say these guys can’t play, they surely can) this five-piece is here to wreck everything and ruin your life. What you’re looking at here is a 45-minute beat down that is as unrelenting as it is punishing, with the occasional breakdown thrown in for good measure. And how fucking cool is that album cover, huh?? When I received my copy and hit PLAY the first thing I wanted to do was hurl a TV from a sixth-floor window and then bite the nearest person on the nose till I drew blood. Luckily for those around me I did neither of those things, but the music on this record sure gets my heart racing and blood pumping.

And that starts with opener “The Divine Right of Kings”, as brutal a piece as can be found in this very young 2015. That feeling bleeds over into “Narcissistic Apathy” which features some more bloodthirsty riffs designed to rip through flesh, as does “I, Despoiler” which is one of the more sledgehammer tracks on this disc. The drums sound like a Browning .50 caliber Machine Gun for much of it and that suits me just fine as I envision metalheads everywhere being shredded to pieces by this one. “The Heirs to Mankind’s Atrocities” has a bit of a slow grinder thing happening, oozing forth like The Blob on a mission to level everyone and everything.

Something odd happens with “Penance” an acoustic-flavored rocker instrumental that breaks the album up and provides a respite from the fracas, if only for three minutes and change. This also serves as a good showcase to remind you just how well the members of INGESTED can play and the solo is pretty sweet, too, before it ends as quietly as it began. And just like that it’s back to the sonic equivalent of a baseball bat through your windshield with “A Nightmare Incarnate” and “Extinction Event” two songs that will surely be responsible for some bloodthirsty circle pits wherever these guys play live. You can also add “Amongst Vermin” to that category, yet another relentless piece of brain-smashing madness.

To be honest, one of the only tunes I wasn’t wild about was “Endless Despondency” because it sounded a little too much like something WHITECHAPEL would do. And while I do love that band, this one seemed somewhat out of place next to the other songs. It’s not bad, but it didn’t hook me, either. The same can be said for closer “Rotted Eden”. When compared to the bulk of the record it’s nowhere near as strong. But as a whole the album is very, very good and warrants repeat spins. It’s been my go-to record while putting lots of things together (bookshelves, desks, etc.) here at the new A&GS HQ and the sheer aggression of it has helped quell my rage at some of the horrific instructions that came with said pieces of furniture! The Architect of Extinction comes out January 27 via Century Media Records.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Divine Right of Kings”, “I, Despoiler”, “A Nightmare Incarnate”, “Extinction Event”

RATING: 8.6/10

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