Pelican – The Cliff


Trippy. That is literally the only adjective that perfectly sums up PELICAN’s newest release, The Cliff, out now on Southern Lord Records. It’s just… a wave of awesome sounds all jumbled into one neat little four song package. Now, I must make mention of the two remixes that comprise the middle section of this EP; I am not a fan of remixes. Never have been; probably never will be honestly. But the ones PELICAN chose to use sound more like re-arrangements of the title track, rather than a synthesized second attempt, which is a good thing. Most remixes end up ruining releases for me, so I tend to skip them, but these compliment the two new songs so well, that it’s hard to listen through without them. Overall, there’s really not a whole lot to say about this release except that PELICAN have their own signature vibe, they present it VERY well, and you should listen to it.

This EP is all about the melody. From the punishing grind the bass pushes out, to the subtle crooning of the vocalist through smoky lower octave vocals, this entire band gels together so well. They all find their pocket, stick to it, and make it SUPER solid. While there’s nothing exactly mind-boggling, or revolutionary, I don’t really think there needs to be. These are simple songs, with simple arrangements, that convey a very bare, haunting, and honest meaning. I think that’s something anyone can appreciate. I turned it on for the first listen through, and got so caught up in how ethereal everything felt that I ended up not realizing it was on repeat for a fucking hour while laying on my living room floor. If you’re a fan of some simple jams, that take you to a different place mentally (and honestly, who the fuck isn’t?) then you need this EP in your ear holes. Trust me. I’m an expert.




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