Rocco’s Remote: A Look At ABC’S Secrets And Lies


Just when you thought I was gone, ABC pulls me back in with Secrets and Lies, its new tour de force. I will start out by saying this. This probably should have been a movie. It screams movie from the opening scene. Its subject matter is one that we can normally only take for two hours at a time. The idea of dragging out a child’s murder over ten episodes or so is a little morose, but what the hell, I’m game!

So, apparently, when you find a murder victim, you’re automatically a suspect. That’s what happens to Ben Garner (Ryan Phillippe) anyway. The casting on this one is pretty damn good. Besides the very talented Phillippe in a rare TV role, you have KaDee Strickland as his not-too-happy wife Christy (I loved Strickland in Private Practice!). Natalie Martinez (Under the Dome) plays the victim’s mom, Jess Mullen and, oh yeah, Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) plays the somewhat annoying Detective Andrea Cornell, who is leading the investigation right at poor Ben.

Now, whether Ben actually committed this heinous crime or not, we have NO idea. The first two episodes (played as a single two hour premiere) gave us pretty much the gist of what we can expect for this thrill-ride.  The question is, will we continue to tune in? The answer: Maybe. I know that’s not what you guys were looking to me for. You want me to tell you that this show looks like a home run and that if you don’t watch every second of it, your lives will mean less.

The fact is that I can’t help thinking that this type of story is best and, perhaps only, suited for the big screen: Ninety plus minutes of a story with a controlled outcome. With ten to thirteen episodes, and dare I say, multiple seasons, the story could become very muddled and convoluted over too much telling.

With that, I’m going to say that I will continue to tune in to see if they can keep me from renting the same story on DVD or Blu-ray.

Result: Maybe

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