In Flames Burns Through Edmonton With All That Remains and Wovenwar on Charming America Tour: Encore At WEM – 3/12/15


West Edmonton Mall: Tourist Attraction, a Shop-aholic’s Dream come true, and now, heavy metal concert destination. Swedish metal legends, IN FLAMES, are about to grace Encore with one hell of a performance, accompanied by ALL THAT REMAINS and WOVENWAR.


Starting the night off right with WOVENWAR warming up the crowd, the former AS I LAY DYING musicians and vocalist, Shane Blay, of OH, SLEEPER kicked this show into high gear, opening up their set with “All Rise” and “Death To Rights” from their 2014 self-titled debut album, which had their audience’s hands in the air, and singing along at the tops of their lungs. This was WOVENWAR’S first time playing Edmonton as a band, leaving nothing short of an excellent impression on YEG’s metal fans.


Next up to the plate was Massachusetts own, ALL THAT REMAINS. They started their set off with “No Knock” from their newest album The Order of Things, which had been just released less than one month prior to their Edmonton performance. With fans going insane in the mosh pits, ATR soared through their 10 song set, nailing a number of their hit songs, such as “Six”, “This Calling”, and heavy metal ballad “What If I Was Nothing?” With fans singing along and moshing their hearts out, ALL THAT REMAINS has once again left their mark on Edmonton, and boy! Was it ever a good one!


With anticipation and excitement sitting thick in the air, IN FLAMES took Encore’s stage by force. As fans began to erupt into a frenzy of moshing, and with crowd surfers worm-rolling through the audience, IN FLAMES absolutely dominated their 16 song set, playing a number of hits that have spanned over their still-running-strong 25 year career, such as “Clayman”, “Bullet Ride”, “Cloud Connected”, and “The Quiet Place”- to name a few of my personal favorite tracks – Along with a handful of new songs from their most recent album Siren Charms, such as “Paralyzed”, “With Eyes Wide Open”, and “Everything Is Gone”. Though these Swedish metallers are frequent visitors to Edmonton, this performance, hands down, by far and without a doubt is one of, if not THE best show that they have ever put on in this city, and I’m confident that Edmonton’s metal fans will agree with me on that statement. Until next time, IN FLAMES!




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