Unlocking The Secret Of Boris At The Curtain Club!! – Dallas, TX – 3/14/15

p158232946-4Saturday night found me at The Curtain Club, once again. I was lucky enough tonight to be shooting and reviewing a band called SECRET OF BORIS. The week prior, my good friend and editor, Damian (aka The Maestro) had told me I’d be here, and in for a treat. He of course, had their new album Your Ghost playing in the background. “Who are these guys?” I asked.  He informed me. “I like ’em.” I remarked. That of course, started a lengthy conversation about their new album. Which, by the the way, you can read about in the Amps and Green Screens album review, found below. I also had the pleasure of meeting the guys a few hours later.  The first thing that stands out is they all are super cool. One of those bands that you can really get behind, not only because they will rock your face off, but because after the show (or before) you can just hang out, have a few drinks and have a blast with them. They’re just super chill guys. So you can imagine I was pretty stoked to be here tonight.

p491755596-4I showed up about 10 minutes before doors opened and met Ragus (bass) and Scherschell (drums) out front. We strolled in and met up with Byrd (guitar) and Cameron (vocals). Turns out they weren’t to go on till around 11pm, so it was decreed that everyone go eat, and since I had a few things I needed to do around Deep Ellum anyway, we split for a bit.  Unfortunately, by the time I got back, I had missed most of the openers. I did manage to catch the end of SEROSIA’S set, though I wish I had made it a little earlier. They had some pretty cool sounds, interesting melodies and some badass riffs. But then it was time for SECRET OF BORIS to take the stage. The crowd started filling in. I slipped my way up to the front of the stage and waited. I checked my gear. Yep, everything looks good. By the time the curtains slid open to reveal the smoke filled stage, the room was packed.  

p494703982-4They opened up with the song “What Have you Done”, which is a good introduction to the band. It only took about 2 or 3 measures before the entire place was moving around, bobbing heads, playing the air drums, etc. They followed it up with “Desert Blood”, Which has one of my favorite melodies, and a kickass synth riff which launches you into the chorus.  Once again, the crowd dug it. In fact, I don’t think they did anything all night that the crowd didn’t get behind wholeheartedly. Tonight, The Curtain Club had the lighting, sound and effects done right, and I was just elated. Us photographers love good lighting, and with the smoke machines going, it was pretty alright. But I did find it difficult to shoot for a lot of the night because no matter how hard you try, headbanging and shooting at the same time is difficult to pull off. With SECRET OF BORIS rocking so hard, it made for a great show.

p120415812-4Finally, the boys let out the opening riffs to “Virus”, which I haven’t stopped singing/humming since that show. This song really accentuates Cameron’s impressively strong vocal abilities, and Scherschell really proves his chops behind the kit. It’s cool when a drummer can really tie the entire sound together, without being in your face, but somehow, he does it. And when you catch yourself zoning in on the various instruments, you realize just how intricate his part is! Byrd of course, has some great tones through this song, and man, will rock you blind if you let him. Some of the riffs he pulls out are just bloody cool. Of course, I can’t leave out Ragus, ‘cause boy, he’s pretty damn good too. I’m a sucker for full, huge songs that hammer you in the chest as you’re rocking about, and without his bass, it wouldn’t be nearly as huge. He too, has some pretty awsome riffs. I better be careful, or this article is going to come off like a second album review! Nonetheless, this praise can be used to describe all the songs from these guys, such as “What You Became” which has been vying for the title of “Song stuck in my head” all week.  With such a great melody and rockin’ groove, it just does it right.

p313125619-4And believe it or not, the guys even pulled out “Push It”, a surprisingly heavy cover of the SALT-N-PEPA song. And of course, the crowd went nuts! One thing I’m really impressed with these guys is just how big their sound is. Not just talking about how it fills up the room, but the whole time I was listening to their album, and hearing them live, they just sounded like a much bigger national band! I wouldn’t have guessed they were local, and would be honestly surprised if I don’t start hearing them on the radio with alarming frequency. Each and every one of them can rock, and they put on a fantastic show. If you have the chance to see these guys, please take it, and be sure to stop by afterwards to say “Hey!” They’re great to hang with!


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