Haunt – A Killing Field

A Killing Field Artwork

I first heard of HAUNT when a friend of mine was playing a demo off of their first release, The New Gospel. I was hooked from that moment on and beyond excited when I heard that they would be releasing a three-song EP. I jumped at the chance to review it and was not disappointed. What follows is a song-by-song blow of the band’s newest release, A Killing Field set to drop on 3/28 at 8PM.

Track One- “Cloven Hooves”

Best Line- “I am damaged/I am the drudge/I am the holy war.”

Track one of the EP starts out with an intense, sprint into breakdown territory. The instrumentation is wonderful and the vocals are fantastic. They at time remind me of the band DAUGHTERS, specifically the song “The Ghost with the Most.” “Cloven Hooves” is a fabulous, dark start to the EP. Not only can it stand strongly on its own, but it also compliments the rest of A Killing Field very well.

Track Two- “Scab”

Best Line- “If I could speak my mind it would shatter teeth.”

“Scab” serves as the perfect bridge between tracks one and three. This one also brings to mind HAUNT’S first release. It kicks the intensity down from “Cloven Hooves” but makes up for it by being a very well written and executed track.

Track Three- “Pine Box”

Best Line- “Sage of the ribcage/the year is 1991/bury him.”

And finally, the listening journey wraps up with the ending track “Pine Box”. It goes hard, wanting to expend the last of the EP’s rage and energy. The vocals at the end are error and chaotic, but fabulous. It’s the perfect ending to a disc that you wish lasted more than just three songs.

Overall, A Killing Field goes farther down the heavy, dark path that was previously explored and laid out by The New Gospel. If you’re into heavy, melodic, dark music this is a must jam. To sum it up? If embracing death had a three-song soundtrack, this would be it.



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