Motor Sister – Ride


Some birthday wishes do come true. For ANTHRAX’S Scott Ian, it was resurrecting one of his favorite bands MOTHER SUPERIOR, being a part of the lineup and throwing a kick-ass party at his home.

Luckily, his wife Pearl Aday has been working on her solo career with the band’s frontman Jim Wilson. After a quick phone call, the stage was set. Ian (guitar) recruited Aday (vocals) along with bassist Joey Vera (FATES WARNING/ARMORED SAINT) and drummer John Tempesta (WHITE ZOMBIE, THE CULT) who joined without hesitation. The party was attended by 25 MOTHER SUPERIOR fans and friends, some of whom were music industry veterans. The end result was an album with Metal Blade Records when A&R man Mike Faley heard about the epic event.

Wilson (vocals, guitar) was thrilled to dust off the songs and revitalize them. The name MOTOR SISTER was born from the MOTHER SUPERIOR tune “Little Motor Sister”. The band got together in LA and created the album Ride in two days with the help of producer Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER). Ride, out now via Metal Blade, contains twelve tracks of blues-soaked rock with a metal edge and is pure bliss from beginning to end.

“A-Hole” kick-starts the album with both bombast and whiskey-fueled lyrics. The song is a great introduction to the awesomeness which encompasses the entire album. “This Song Reminds Me of You” follows suit and does not disappoint by filling up with meaty guitar solos via Ian and Wilson. “Beg Borrow Steal” is next. This track delivers killer rhythm courtesy of Vera and Tempesta while “Fool Around” has everything you need in a song: heart, soul, passion, drums, guitar.

The fifth offering on Ride “Get That Girl” is upbeat along with some serious swagger.“Head Hanging Low” and “Fork in the Road” continue this infectious pattern. These tunes reflect the wonderful harmony between Wilson and Aday. “Little Motor Sister” and “Pretty in the Morning” continue the groove while “Whore” is honesty at its finest. “Doghouse” is a funky, bluesy nugget that will probably have almost anyone with a pulse shake their moneymaker. “Devil Wind” wraps up the disc and presents an epic ending to an amazing album. It’s the perfect song to drive with the windows down and stereo at full blast.

Ride should be an immediate addition to your music collection. If you were a fan of MOTHER SUPERIOR before or are just learning about this group for the first time, MOTOR SISTER will be on many Top 10 of 2015 lists including my own. My favorite cut changes everytime I listen to it, but “Fool Around”, “Get That Girl”, “Little Motor Sister”, “Whore” and “Devil Wind” are in contention at the moment. On a personal note, my birthday wish is for MOTOR SISTER to visit sunny Florida in December to perform at a local club in my vicinity. Hey, dreams can come true!


RATING: 10/10


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