Eclipse – Armageddonize


ECLIPSE is back with the anticipated follow-up to Bleed & Scream titled Armageddonize (out now, Frontiers Music). The Melodic Hard Rock quartet from Stockholm, Sweden is comprised of producer and main songwriters Erik Mårtensson (lead vocals, guitar) and Magnus Henriksson (lead guitars), who have honed their skills by producing and writing with bands such as W.E.T., GIANT and ADRENALINE RUSH, along with Robban Bäck (drums) and Magnus Ulfstedt (keyboards) who provide a solid rhythm section.

Opener “I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry” sets the stage for Armageddonize with soaring vocals courtesy of Mårtensson. “Stand On Your Feet” is peppered with fantastic guitar riffs via Henriksson. “The Storm” builds momentum quickly just like a tempest on its way. It has a sense of urgency with the lyrics, “This is an emergency. Screaming for help, I feel I’m falling”. The fourth track “Blood Enemies” begins with a stunning guitar solo and launches into an anthem of sorts. “Wide Open” follows with a story full of hope and tenacity, and features one of 2015’s most uplifting choruses. “Live Like I’m Dying” is heartfelt and is the ballad of the record. Get your lighter (or your lighter app) out for this one.

“Breakdown” packs a punch with a bit of twang. This tune is the shining star of Armageddonize. “Love Bites” and “Caught Up In The Rush” are next and continue to prove that ECLIPSE is a heavy-hitter among the best in melodic rock. “One Life-My Life” is a fist pumper through and through. “All Died Young” is the final track and is indicative of the album’s feel. It’s the bow on top of  the present.

Armageddonize is the perfect album if you love music with energy and songs that are infectious. ECLIPSE has gained a huge following and this record should only strengthen that by leaps and bounds. If you are lucky enough to see them at an upcoming festival in Europe, raise your fist in the air for me.


RATING: 10/10


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