An Interview With Seizures’ Cameron Miller

SEIZURES BAND 1A&GS staff photographer/writer Faye Fetters was able to sit down with SEIZURES vocalist Cameron Miller a short while back. They talked about the tour they were on with SAOSIN, new material, and more. Check it:

Amps: So, what’s it like for you guys to be on tour with SAOSIN. Because I know for a lot of bands that’s like the ultimate dream come true. Especially with Anthony Green being their vocalist for this run.

Cameron: It was wild to get the invitation to come out with them. We live 30 minutes south of them and I grew up in the same area and I saw them at Chain Reaction in orange county when I was a kid, so it was just wild to see him get back together with that band and then to have guys in the band that actually liked us enough to invite us so… It’s amazing playing cool places that I never thought this band would get to play so I’m really excited.

Amps: What do you think when you get comparisons to bands like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or DAUGHTERS?

Cameron: It’s a very nice thing. I can’t believe people are saying that stuff about us. It’s a compliment, to be honest. You know, I love those bands. WE like those bands. We saw what they did and we kind of want to put our own brand on it, do our own thing completely. It’s more of like… taking their mathy influence and their chaotic influence but, not really sound so much, just more of the craziness part of it and adding our own spin to it.

Amps: Yeah, that’s awesome. And then, what do you guys do on your off days? When you’re not playing music or not writing new music. When you’re “normal people”.

Cameron: We all have jobs, just regular jobs. Either serving people coffee or working in the movie industry doing stuff out in Orange County. I work in the law business so I do internet tech stuff but the other guys are doing a bunch of stuff. I wouldn’t say odd jobs because they’re quite normal but it’s stuff that we don’t put too much of our time into so we can focus more of our real time on making music and hanging out and stuff.

SEIZURES CD COVERAmps: You guys are coming out with a new album this year, right?

Cameron: It’s gonna be a new EP. We’re writing it right now. It’s going to be the follow up to the one we just released in 2013 (The Sanity Universal). It’s just kind of introducing us as a completely new band again. I feel like we’re a new band every single time we record. Sound wise? Same guys. But we like to get better musically on our down time and see what we can do, and come up with, and how anti traditional we can be with it too.

Amps: So this is going to be a progression from your earlier works or last recordings?

Cameron: Yeah. It is, from what I’ve heard, I don’t write the music myself. But I’m constantly blown away by what they do, ‘cause it’s just ridiculous so I’m excited for it. People are going to be surprised from the jump I hope. Or, we’re surprising ourselves so that’s all that matters really.

Amps: What advice do you have for younger bands or not as experienced bands? In terms of, not just touring, or just recording, but in terms of the music community as a whole.

Cameron: I just say, do it for you. Do it ‘cause you love it. I wouldn’t be here, playing with SAOSIN tonight or have gone this far, recording music in general if I didn’t really love what I was doing. And avoid trends, create your own thing. Try to think outside the box ‘cause I think music is limitless and you can do whatever you want to with it. You know, if someone frowns upon it, that’s going to happen. People don’t like us, I’m sure. I mean, I know that for a fact, you know? So it’s just… continue to do it because you want to do it and you have fun doing it with your friends. And if they’re not your friends, and they’re your creative partners, then try to make fun with it ‘cause that’s what you should be doing (laughs).


You can get SEIZURES’ music HERE.


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