Every Time I Die Destroys Tomcat’s!! – Fort Worth, TX – 3/31/15

DSC_0225.NEFAlright, I hate to do this, but we’re skipping the locals completely. They all did well, but none of them ever really interacted with the crowd, or did anything more than sequenced bass drops and some on stage spin kicks. Nice enough guys, but that’s not what everyone came to see. Now… I’m going to make a statement right now, that is irrefutable, honest, and pure 112% fact…




DSC_0099.NEFAfter the fucking massacre I witnessed the other night, I can confidently say, that no one gets to a crowd like ETID does. No one cares for a crowd like ETID does. No one. It’s just the truth. I’ve seen them several times now, and they only get better, progress, and do even more incredible things every single time.

The set started out simple enough. I was smashed against the stage while a whole crowd tried to fit themselves neatly in the crack of my ass, but that’s normal at small shows like this. Now, I’ve seen these fellas play in some pretty big venues, but nothing this small, and I have to admit; the smaller the bar, the better. I have never, in all my days seen a crowd react like that.

DSC_0178.NEFFrom the first song, to the last song, it was full bore, all out, non-stop, whatever goddamn adjective you want to use that describes the relentlessness that is EVERY TIME I DIE. I would pay ANY amount to see them play at Tomcat’s again.

After each song, Keith Buckley (Vocalist) would give little snippets about all that was going on, and he also mentioned how much the crowd took care of each other; if I could rid the world of hardcore dancers, and fucking crowd killing douche nozzles, and go to every show with the crowd that was there with me, I would do so in a heartbeat. Shit, I even climbed on the rafters trying to escape the vehement crowd long enough to catch my breath.

DSC_0164.NEFRight here, I’d like to give a MASSIVE shout out to the staff at Tomcat’s. They let us all pretty much get away with anything (within reason) and everyone still had an incredible time, not to mention the sound was INSANELY good.

I honestly can’t put into words what happened in that bar. It was a religious experience. One of those shows where you walk out of the club feeling like a weight has been lifted from you. Like anything shitty that has been going on in your life has taken a back seat, and you can catch a full breath for the first time in weeks. EVERY TIME I DIE isn’t even my favorite band, and I still would back up everything I say in this article, because it’s all fucking true.

From the music, to the stage performance, there is no better band than EVERY TIME I FUCKING DIE. They put on a PERFECT show, and I can’t thank them enough for that.

I don’t care what you have to do, how far you have to go, how much you have to pay, or who you have to blow, GO SEE EVERY TIME I DIE LIVE. It will save your life.

(Also, shouts out to that cute blonde girl who knew EVERY word to all their songs. You have my heart. Come track me down and let’s get weird.)



One comment to “Every Time I Die Destroys Tomcat’s!! – Fort Worth, TX – 3/31/15”
One comment to “Every Time I Die Destroys Tomcat’s!! – Fort Worth, TX – 3/31/15”

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