Incantation – Entrantment Of Evil


Originally released in 1990, INCANTATION‘S Entrantment of Evil is re-released as an MLP on April 7 via Hells Headbangers. This version includes a fifth track, “Profanation,” that was not included with the original 7” vinyl release. I believe the addition of just that one song really makes it standout drastically. One thing I really enjoy about this record is that the band did not attempt to pretty up the sound quality. Entrantment of Evil takes you back to the beginnings of the New York Death Metal legends. You still hear the raw, disgusting death metal sound for which INCANTATION would become known.

On many occasions, I’ve had discussions about how sterile sounding and “perfect” death metal records have become. When I want death metal, I want demonic, filthy, and evil; not robotic. INCANTATION has always kept a natural sound to their recording over the years, and the five tracks on this album deliver that in its most true form. The drums and treble provide a powerful decayed sound, where the low end and vocals thunder through with a certain doom. Though these songs would all eventually land on the band’s debut LP, Onward to Golgotha, it really is a different experience hearing them in this collection with the various nuances in the songs, compared to their full-length versions. These songs, the mix, everything about them, are the lifeblood of death metal!

The 19-minute onslaught that is Entrantment of Evil belongs in any death metal fan’s collection. I don’t just mean you should have this already. I mean you need THIS version. Revisiting this record really makes you realize just how much the genre owes INCANTATION. But that influence doesn’t stop at death metal. You can hear how this album inspired grind and doom bands since the early 90’s as well. It may have been their first release, but it was strong enough to birth a career of over 25 years. Last year’s Dirges of Elysium proved their continual Death Metal Mastery, and Entrantment of Evil serves as a worth companion of that LP, regardless of the 24 years between their release dates.

RATING: 8.5/10

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Devoured Death”, “Profanation”


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