Abiotic – Casuistry


ABIOTIC is a technical deathcore band, releasing their sophomore album Casuistry on April 21 via Metal Blade Records. There’s not a lot of deathcore out there that I really enjoy (The band’s older work is some of the stuff I just can’t get into), but this new release from them is absolutely fantastic. They really advanced in their sound and their songwriting abilities, and the new work is really enjoyable. Casuistry is well-written and way more technical than anything ABIOTIC has put out in the past. The album has a hypnotizing sound to the guitarwork, and is one to try out for sure.

They waste no time at all getting into the music with the intro song “Believe the Unseen.” The song immediately starts with a growl and a blasting guitar rhythm behind it. After this opening rhythm they get very technical with the guitarwork, they play leading parts as opposed to the rhythm part, which then leads into the first verse where they harmonize. The vocals are so harsh and are equally as good as the guitar parts; they make the piece whole. The leads are something to talk about, they’re so accurate and the complete opposite of sloppy. The intro gives the feel of the entire album, it’s phenomenal.

This song leads into a really cool track on the album called “Reanimated Destruction.” It’s a really smooth transition into a calm guitar riff with a really soothing kind of sound at first. Then it turns into a blasting rhythm with blast beats and the super aggressive vocals. There are multiple kinds of riffs in this song, going up and down constantly. The best part about the song is when it breaks into the clean evil sounding riff for about three seconds. It gives a feeling of fear and paranoia. The tune is so well made, it gives me goosebumps just listening to it.

The best track on this album is “Cast into the Depths.” It slowly fades in with an eerie-sounding riff. The song has an overall horrifying sound, it really is a trip. It gives off such an evil vibe, and the guitarwork is definitely the best in this song. The longer you listen to it the better it gets. The vocals make the sound extremely scary, especially with the echo in the background, sounding like something out of a horror movie. It’s written so well it’s just unbelievable (guess i just have to believe the unseen). “Cast into the Depths” is so evil and catchy, it’s no surprise it’s my favorite.

The entire album is very cool, they really elaborate in their songs, in rhythm, passion and playing in general. The guitars are definitely my favorite part of this whole disc. The playing is just so accurate, I heard no mistakes throughout the entire album, all of it is really solid. The vocals are good, they’re somewhat of a usual kind of growls, but I do like them.  The album has a lot of energy to it, it’s super exciting. The entire thing is filled with catchy growls and guitar riffs, it’s really well-written and is one of the best deathcore albums and bands I’ve ever listened to. As I said before, ABIOTIC’S Casuistry is set to be  released on April 21 from Metal Blade Records. It’s a VERY enjoyable listen. If you don’t pick one up you’ll regret it, so GO GET ONE!!!


RATING: 9.5/10


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