Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species


Hi everyone! And welcome to another episode of death metal, here on AMPS AND GREENS SCREENS. Today, we will learn how tell the difference between a “bree bree” and a “gurgle gurgle”. And later, we’ll be joined by that drummer guy who can play blast beats at 500bpm… You know the guy that was in three or four different bands last month. No, not that guy. It was the dude in that band with the unreadable logo. Yeah. THAT guy.

Ok. Enough of that. You’re likely not here to laugh. You’re here to get the scoop on the new release from INCINERATE. The group’s third record, Eradicating Terrestrial Species, is out now on Comatose Music. And while I jest at the commonalities of multitudes of death metal acts, I can’t take away from the hard pressed fact that this is death done right. The riffs are bountiful, the speed is exhaustive, and every note is executed with machinery precision. However, if you’re looking for a record that intends to reinvent the wheel, look elsewhere.

But is that not the point of this subdivide of the metal we call death? Brutal death is not meant to further progression. It’s meant to kick your hind, steal your lunch money and set the expectation for it to happen again tomorrow. It’s a display of exuberant endurance; a sadistic assault on the ears, lacerating the mind. And goddamn if it ain’t fun. All those elements are found in spades on ETS. What you won’t find is any breaks… or breakdowns, for that matter. The group makes no attempt to embrace “core” music, keeping things at whirlwind speed for the entirety of the nine track disc. Even the noise tracks run in hyper drive. Simply put, don’t forget your inhaler.

Bringing things to a close, I reiterate, that while no one can say that Eradicating Terrestrial Species is the new black, I dare anyone to deny the savage audacity held within. Where others may look to push the envelope, they have burned it and pissed on the ashes. Because INCINERATE doesn’t need to write an opus. They don’t need to expand our horizons. And they certainly don’t need to diversify.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Inhuman Inoculation”, “Eliminating the Indigenous”, “The Berserker”, “Fucking the Rotting Nun”

RATING: 7.5/10


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