Oceano – Ascendants


Deathcore is a metal subgenre that I can mostly relate to in the United States. Knowing that there are many bands in this country that chose to play this type of music, OCEANO is arguably one of my all-time favorites because their sound is almost as brutal as Germany kicking Brazil’s butt during the world cup.

OCEANO released their fourth album Ascendants in early 2015 through Earache Records, and to my point of view they truly had a smart year kick-off with this release. After listening to this band so many times, my expectations were met once I played this album for the first time while I was driving back home after a horrible work day. I immediately started acting like an unleashed animal, waiting for the green light as the drivers on my side gave me the weird looks that most of us metalheads have had over the decades… heck… who cares.

I describe Ascendants as a solid album that anybody can use to define the word deathcore (besides other bands, of course). “Nephilim” is just an introduction, very raw and what I like to call “NASTY”, it just puts me in the mood to go over “Transient Gateways”, which is also full of powerful breakdowns that could get Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball to take down buildings. “The World Engine” is a slower song that will make you headbang no matter what. If you don’t get tired doing so, then you can continue to headbang even harder with “Dead Planet”. “The Taken” has a faster rhythm, and if you get to this point while listening to the album, you will be pissed without knowing even why. “Dawn of descent” increases that double-pedaling on the drums and the nasty guitar effects are combined perfectly with this basic element of metal. “The Dulce Incident” is a short and sweet deathcore song, while “Arc of Creation” and “External Existence” will bring you more of the same hot wings you’ve been eating, but with the same hottest sauce that you ordered since the beginning.

I clearly remember I saw OCEANO for the first time back in 2012, at a small festival in downtown Dallas, and boy I was truly excited. As soon as they started playing, I just remember the crowd knocking off lots of people that were near the pit area, so one had to stay back to avoid getting kicked in the face. If you ever get to see OCEANO live some day, listen to Ascendants and I dare you to stay still during the 28 minutes that this album lasts, you won’t be able to hold your desire to punch your ex in the face.

All in all, I can assure you that Adam Warren’s voice in Ascendants will make the whitest of the white girls make an angry face and maybe even drop their Starbucks at some point in the album. I just wish that their shows could have less karate exhibitions so that everyone could enjoy the performance equally and without worrying about getting their genitals kicked by some frustrated teenager.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Transient Getaways”, “The Taken”, “The World Engine”, “Dead Planet”

RATING: 8/10


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