Typically we here at Amps and Green Screens choose the records we review. But every now and then, The Maestro will suggest something to us based on our individual tastes. Gotta hand it to the dude, he nailed it recently by suggesting I take a listen to the latest from GYRE. Their debut record, titled Moirai, is out now and it is stupid good. A cerebral mix of progressive, thrash, and groove influences with a slight touch of post-hardcore influence, the New York-based quartet has put forth a release that soars beyond the sum of its parts.

From the opening of “Manifest”, the listener is presented with chaotic, angular riffing, reminiscent of TWELVE TRIBES and TOOTHGRINDER. Sporadic movement is definitely the recurring theme. But with that said, the group manages to delve into the math-ier side without sounding too DILLINGER-esque. Second track, “I Release”, shows the band’s ability to pair grinding, churn-style riffing with engaging melodic hooks. Where “Behind the Eyes” starts off with an enigmatic build, the crescendo finally breaks and hands out a healthy dose of throw-down, while still offering some catchy harmonies. The group gets a bit darker for the title track, “Moirai”; stacking layers of atmosphere into a moody rocker that spans well over the nine minute mark, and bring things to a close with the energetic romp of “Dream the Obscene”.

While I had no doubt that my editor was going to toss me a good record, I really didn’t expect it to sit at the level it does. The dudes in GYRE show amazing promise with a debut as strong and diverse as this. Each song traverses a broad spectrum of sounds, hitting peaks and plateaus along the way. And at the same time, the group doesn’t over stimulate the listener with overly cluttered compositions that usually serve to alienate a broader audience. Moirai is a progressive record that can be enjoyed by metalheads with a short attention span just as much as it would be enjoyed by the more intellectual folks. So whichever of those categories you land in, or where ever in between, this is certainly the disc for you. You need it.


RATING: 10/10


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