Tom Keifer And John Corabi: Telling Stories At B.B. Kings – New York City

The last time Tom Keifer performed in NYC was back in July of last year. On this night we got a double feature of singer-songwriters. John Corabi opened up the evening with a storytellers-type acoustic performance. He did material that expanded his entire career from his days with THE SCREAM, UNION and even a couple MÖTLEY CRÜE, songs thrown in for good measure.

John Corabi 3

During his set he let the songs and his amazing raspy voice do the talking . He did notify the audience that his next appearance in the area will be with his live band THE DEAD DAISIES and that he is looking forward playing with his son who is also his drummer. Before he ended his set he did a wonderful cover of AEROSMITH’S “ If I Could Only Sleep” , proving that rock and roll comes down to fully structured songs.

John Corabi1

Tom Keifer and company delivered a rocking set. The guitar teasing intro of “ Falling Apart at the Seams” had the audience by the balls. Effortlessly Tom and company segued into the song “Its not Enough”  his solo album, The Way Life Goes. There was a ROLLING STONES-type swagger among the live band as Tom’s gritty and yet calm vocals mesmerized us all. All the songs that tug at the heartstrings were performed from” A Different Light” to “Flower Song”, “Ask Me Yesterday”, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”, “Heartbreak Station”, and “Coming Home”.

Tom Keifer 8

After all that Keifer has been through over the years, when he sings now you can see he is making the most of his second chance at his amazing talent not only as a songwriter but easily a top gun vocalist. His blend of ballads and hard stuff like “Somebody Save Me” and “Shake Me to Solid Ground” was showmanship at its best. He ended the show with the not-so-surprising covers of “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)” and “With a Little Help From My Friends”. They were not only fun to hear but fun to see Tom Keifer the music fan saluting his musical heroes.

Tom Keifer 9

Since his recovery from the long ago vocal issues and debut solo album release he has definitely Come Home from that “Gypsy Road” and found Shelter in that best of genres known as Rock and Roll.

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